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A comment on the IRS:

June 11, 2013

Yes we need to pay taxes. You hate doing that? So you also hate roads, schools, police that come when you call, regulators keeping your food safe, shit like that? Cause that’s what they pay for.

What? They pay for shit you don’t like too? Join the club. You think you pay too much? Doesn’t everyone.

Calling for the abolition of the IRS is pretty fucking pointless. Even with something like a flat tax (bad idea) we would still need someone to collect said tax. The IRS by any other name is a bunch of people collecting taxes and, yes, doing audits.

I know, let’s privatize everything! Because no corporation has ever fucked people over to make a profit. Nope. Not once.

But the tax code is too fucking complicated? You can thank yourself and everyone else for that. Politicians have twisted taxes all to hell to get and keep your vote. And yes I know rich people and corporations do it too.

So why all of the IRS hatred? Easy target. Gets voters all riled up. You are told to hate them because they collect your taxes even as you benefit from the things those taxes pay for.