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McCarthy, Commies and the Right – Updated

April 7, 2011

Update 2- Apparently I’m not that the only one that noticed this trend.

It occurred to me today that Joseph McCarthy was right, he was just several decades off and looking at the wrong people. Communist sympathizers have infiltrated our nation. They are subverting our democracy. They just wear business suits instead of Mao caps.

A guy I work with is heading to China next week as part of the MBA program at UT. Now, why would an American business student be going to a communist country? And don’t give me that “New China” crap. They are still very much a repressive, anti-democratic government who just happened to figure out that instead of trying to counter capitalism it would be easier to just take it over. American corporations move jobs there because of two things: cheap (slave) labor and no environmental regulations. And why are those laborers so cheap and that land so dirty? Because the fucking communist government kills you or ships you off to do hard labor if you complain.

No unions. But aren’t those for commies? If they were China would be full of them (and don’t try to pretend that the ACFTU is looking out for anyone but those in charge). But the exact opposite is true. It is because of the unions that we have any rights in the work place at all. I have heard both republicans and democrats say that we are payed too much, that we have too much of a sense of entitlement. So wanting basic dignity and a living wage are bad things? Would you prefer a cardboard box, 7 day work weeks with 16 hour days and working along side your children in the factories?

So why do US business students get sent to the land of communism? Because its cool now that the business community and the commies have figured out how to make money together. Slave labor? No big deal. They are working on that here now anyways. Busting the unions one state at a time; saying even a minimum wage is horrible, fighting every regulation, lobbying to have free reign in the democratic process, to not pay any taxes and to make it impossible to be held accountable in the courts. But if you fuck up, if you miss a payment or loose your home because some corporation figured out they can increase their profits by shipping your job to China so a slave can do it for a hell of a lot cheaper, well, you are a fucking inferior entitlement baby who deserves to be destitute because god must hate you.

So China is cool now. And McCarthy was right. The commies are destroying America. And we are doing everything we can to help them. We even send our future business leaders there to be indoctrinated in the glories of communism now. Reagan would be so pleased.

And the worst part to me is that the Tea Party, those that claim the mantel of true patriots, the real Americans, are the biggest supporters of the whole thing. They are so pro-business, so anti-equality, that they are tripping over themselves to elect the most pro-commie people they can find. Hell, throw in the Christian Reconstructionists working so hard to try to morally justify slavery and one would think that the vast right wing conspiracy is real and happening around us right this very moment…..

Now, you might say that they are actually trying to be fascists, or aristocrats, and well that is probably also true. Learning to take the best parts from all forms of repressive government isn’t a bad strategy. But communism has shown them the way to power. Sure the investor class would no doubt say they hate communism if asked. But they do love that cheap labor. Labor that can’t complain, can’t fight back. Labor that is so easily replaced. And they would definitely say they don’t want communism in America. Just the good parts that make business better. And by better of course I mean more profitable.

So again I ask, why would American business students be sent to a communist country? What can they really learn? What about efficiency, business models, things like that? It’s all only profitable because no one can say anything that upsets the party leaders. It only works because of the repression. It is only profitable to do business in China because of the communist governmental policies that keep people from speaking out. And that means a corporation can run you into the ground for a buck and there’s nothing you can do about it. Say hello to our future America. That’s what you voted for, and that is what you are getting.

Update – I think it ironic that we fought so hard to get the rights we claim to cherish and now we are doing our best to not just finance but model the policies of a country that is opposed to those very rights.