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My candidate is an idiot

June 22, 2008

Now that the primary is over, it’s time to acknowledge the fact that my candidate isn’t perfect. In fact, despite a lot of education, he’s apparently an idiot. Senator Obama supports without supporting (?) the FISA “compromise”, essentially saying that even though we know the government and the telecommunication industry violated the Constitution of the United States, we don’t care. We may pretend to, but we don’t. Or as Hunter on DKos put it:

The glowing embrace of the right-wing and administration logic used to foist corporate immunity to lawbreaking upon us: President Bush is so terribly put upon that he cannot possibly follow existing law in conducting espionage against American citizens, and nobody should expect him to, so we must urgently change the law.

But FISA was not expiring. FISA was not falling into a legislative black hole. It continued to exist, as the exclusive means for electronic surveillance of the American people, and all it required was a warrant, and all the warrant required was probable cause. That’s it. That’s what this entire, months-long parade of panic, bluster and torn hair has been about, that it was just too damn difficult for the administration to be asked to show two sentences of probable cause to a judge in a secret hearing before collecting whatever electronic information about you, your neighbors, your family, your friends, everyone in your town, everyone in your social organizations, everyone in every restaurant you’ve ever been to, etc., etc., etc. they wanted to collect.

And if you object to it, then even Barack Obama will hold the threat of imminent Terror over your head as justification for why we should ignore past violations of Constitutional rights and declare a massive, flag-waving, star-spangled do over that simply declares there’s no more problem.

I would expect more from someone who has taught Constitutional law. Now, the actual senate vote is Thursday, but don’t expect any challenges.

Reid said the Senate may try to remove a provision from the bill that shields telephone companies from privacy lawsuits. Holding a separate vote on that issue next week may provide political cover for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Even though the attempt may fail, Reid said the vote would allow those opposed to the liability protection to “express their views.”

“I’m going to try real hard to have a separate vote on immunity,” Reid said in an interview to be aired this weekend on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt.”

“Probably we can’t take that out of the bill, but I’m going to try.”

In other words, we will try to cover our candidate’s ass so that he looks like he cares about the Constitution, while not actually upholding the laws we swore to defend.

And this isn’t the only thing Obama has his head up his ass about. He is in Israel’s pocket. From his support of the illegal and uncalled for bombing of Lebanon in 2006 to his speech to AIPAC, declaring that the US must defend Israel at all costs, Obama has effectively tied our hands so that once Israel bombs Iran we have to run in and kill some more brown people. Shame on you Senator.

Israel is the problem stupid. They have nukes and have not signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which means that we are not supposed to even be providing them any military support at all. They want war with Iran, and Obama has stated that we will protect them, that it is our duty to. Really? It’s our duty to protect a bunch of people that run concentration camps? It’s our job to defend people who steal secrets from us? Who spy on us? Really?

Change we can believe in my ass. There are war against Iran resolutions (H. CON. RES. 362 in the House, S.RES.580 in the Senate) out there right now. Let’s see if Obama jumps on the war wagon. Because it comes down to this: if Obama supports war with Iran even though there is no proof that they are trying to acquire nukes while defending Israel, who has them and won’t sign any non-proliferation treaties, then he is a worthless candidate and a liar. He is not a change from the past, he is the same as every one else.

Your call Senator. Did you learn anything from the Iraq fiasco, or are you just full of shit?


Earth to Bush

June 14, 2008

Surprise, surprise. Once again, when disaster hits, our fearless leader is no where to be seen. No, he’s on the other side of the planet trying to start another war, because the other two he started are going so swimmingly.

I know it’s a lot to expect this shit head to give a rat’s ass about the people of this nation, but come on. I am sure the leaders of Europe would understand if the boy king cut his farewell tour (like he’s some kind of fucking rock star) a little short and at least showed up for a photo op or two. But no, he’s hanging with the French Prez (when did we start talking to the cheese-eating surrender monkeys again?) trying to convince the Europeans that it would be really cool to bomb the fuck out of some more brownish people. Besides their Muslims, and Europeans hate Muslims, so why not bomb millions more of them back to the stone age? Makes sense to me. I’m sure none of this will ever come back to haunt us.

As for all you poor people in the Mid-West, well maybe if you had some oil Bush might care about your freedoms. Hell, he might even have a few of you tortured to show you his compassionate side. But since your just a bunch of suffering citizens, well, you can just go suck a nut. Maybe he will ship you all some nice France wine.

While we are on the subject of public servants, where are our presidential candidates? This would be a good time to show what real leadership looks like. They should be out in front of this, pushing hard to make sure this doesn’t end up like Katrina, trailers and all (many of which, incidentally, should be available soon).

Speaking of which, where do you think that water is heading? My guess is down the Mississippi to New Orleans. Time to test those rebuilt levees.

Tellingly, as I write this there isn’t a single blip about the flooding on the front page of

Update – Good:

Mr. President?