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Good Times

April 20, 2004

Happy 420 Everyone! Puff puff give bitch!


about time

April 15, 2004

Well damn, good for the korean people. And i mean all the korean people. Attaturk over at risinghegemon (an absolute must read site) brings our attention to going ons in that other korean country, you know, the one in the south. It appears that the south korean people have spoken and the liberal Uri party is victorious. Why give a shit? Couple of reasons:

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comments on aljazeera

April 10, 2004

just wanted to share a comment i left on aljazeera.

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Brain Drain

April 1, 2004

I wonder where we as a people are going. Bill O’Reilly called for a final solution. George Bush makes jokes about not finding the weapons we went to die for as americans are riped apart in the streets of Iraq. Our image around the world is wrecked. Our rights are slipping away. Is this all a bad dream or what?

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