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brain drain 3

May 28, 2004

so i am completely fucking confused. does anything in this world matter? does anything really mean, well, anything? all my life i have tried to understand what the fuck is going on and i must tell you, i don’t think anyone has a clue. everything we believe in is bullshit we pulled out of thin air and called reality. but what is “reality”? why do we fight wars over bullshit like religion, money or pride? if the human race died off today the universe would continue as if nothing happened. we are only a blip in the universe, a moment that will pass.

everyday i read about humans doing bad things to each other. all i hear about is how bad peoples lives are. all i can say is this is the way it is because we are the way we are. we are completely alone to our own devices in this world. we make our lives miserable. why?

it astounds me to no end to hear people say we are the pinnicle of evolution. bullshit. we are an experiment, nothing more. nature trying out self awareness. but what a miserable experiment we are. we will destroy our environment, we are too stupid not to. we will over populate. we will then sit and feel sorry for ourselves and blame god or some other made up diety for our woes.

we are also able to love.

we are blessed with the ability to control our enviroment. we are the only species where individuals can rise above their own self interests and sacrifice for the good of the species as a whole.

people take life and this world for granted.



May 5, 2004

i took a week off from the news last week and spent some time digging through old journals. over the next couple of days i will post some old but hopefully still relevent entries i found. for today i want to share with you a song i wrote at the the beginning of the first gulf war. i was 16. its to the tune of Fish Cheer / I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixing-To-Die-Rag by Country Joe McDonald.

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well shit

May 5, 2004

ok so when everything rolls off and you are left with a blank page, i guess its time to post again.

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More Brain Drain

May 5, 2004

What is it that you search for my friend,
in this dark and long forgotten place?

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