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damn demanding public

June 17, 2003

Ok, so I never post. Thanks Robyn for the chastising.

Why hasn’t our government been actively supporting the democratic movement in Iran for years now? If we really wanted to change the middle east we wouldn’t have called Iran evil. No, that only enflamed anti-American sentiment. Maybe the moron in the White House doesn’t realize that the Iranian youth have been fighting this battle for years. And unlike America, almost half of Iran is under 30 years old. The youth are rising up while all the dirty old fucks are busy bickering like usual. Surely Iran has oil- that is after all the only thing our government cares about. So what is the deal? I was flipping channels this morning and those crack heads at faux news were still harping on the Iranian nuclear program hype. Nothing about protesters in that story. I guess we still need them as an enemy to keep the propaganda war going.

And then there was this fun story on CNN about how Americans have lost interest in the Iraq story. This scares me for two reasons. Either the government wants this so that it will go away (what wmd’s?) before the elections, or else we are about to experience another attack to fuel public sentiment to push Bush through to victory. I wonder what specticule our government has in store for us next? I mean come on, I don’t think Bush can stretch this war on terror thing without more actual terror. I am certainly terrified of what comes next. Let’s see, first they took out the World Trade Center, very scary-though strange how no FBI or filthy rich folk were killed, then we had a war for some reason. Well hell, now all we need is some suicide bombers in America. Think about how much fun it would be if we could be like Israel. Check points everywhere, people living in fear. Army solders around every corner. Damn, that sounds like it to me. Hold on boys and girls, the bus is about to blow!



June 6, 2003

I am not sure what people expect of this “blog”. I can tell you that I don’t spend any time at all reading other blogs (except my wife’s cause I consider it research). So don’t be surprised if I just rant and ramble my way through the first couple if entries till I get a feel for this.

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