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crazy people

August 21, 2003

the time has come for humanity to move into a new level of awareness. we, through evolution or spiritual guidance, have reached a point that our current beliefs and teachings are no longer fulfilling their necessary roles. we still stand divided on many issues- creation vs. evolution, nationalism vs. globalism- and no end is in sight as long as we continue to base our decisions upon outdated views of ourselves. the time for a radical overhaul is now.

one of the biggest dividers of humanity is the fact that we are who we are. independent creatures self aware yet strangely unaware of what is going on around them. each of us is unique, yet a distinct similarity defines us as human. we all inevitably search for answers to the same questions. we are trying to figure out why we are here.

that aside, we disagree on everything. at our present level of development we are battling with the absolutes of religion and the theories of science. the church tells us god is supreme, and science doesn’t mention god at all. of course somewhere in the middle lies all sorts of in between beliefs. these groups teach everything from living universe theories to ancient prophecies. so what if we are all right, or wrong? my point is we seem to be missing the fact that we are all alone in the universe, we are free to decide our fate and we are all in this together. religion served to bestow each person a uniqueness that has value, a soul, a personal identity. science has made us masters of our environment. yet still we fight and struggle generation after generation over absolutism and material wealth at the cost of alienating ourselves so far from our environment that we will be lost.

why the pessimist? i don’t believe that we will destroy ourselves. nature will take care of that for us. no, what drives me crazy is that we should all be working together. if this the only planet we have, and we are all alone in the universe, that does make us special. we are above the animals in our awareness. i would argue that we have evolved spiritually and physically. as our knowledge of the universe expands, our self image changes and this leads to turmoil. we resist change because absolutism protects us from the dark beyond. we decide our fate. we can destroy our world, leave it one day, inhabit mars maybe. if god does exist, say the christian god, the bible seems a book written for the people of its time (no doubt because it was written by people of its time) and it seems rather hard to fit it to our present world. so god sends us the knowledge we need. i can not stand it when religious people tell me that the bible is the only word of god and only they can interpret it. there are 6 billion people with 6 billion different perspectives. i’m not saying they are wrong. but it seems better for us to