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Life and Shit

March 20, 2013

Been a while. Didn’t really plan on using this blog anymore but things change, as they are wont to do. Like my marriage. It’s over.

It happens. Shit that is. But going through it can, and does, hurt. This fucking sucks quite frankly. You spend 15 years with someone and then its over, and all you can do is look around and think “What do I do now?” Still looking for an answer to that question. People keep telling me to give it time. I suppose they are right.

So I find myself sitting here alone. Up until she moved out we hadn’t been apart for more than a week, and even then we talked on the phone every day. But now its been almost 3 months. Sure we’ve talked since then, seen each other a few times. But its not the same.

All I can do now is accept that I gave it my best effort. I tried. Tried to be a good husband, a good friend. In the end of course none of that mattered. I would say I wish things didn’t have to go the route they are now heading, but divorces are never fun.

My plan for now is to weather this storm. To write, to live, to move on. More to follow.