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Hey Arlington, it’s time to vote again!

April 30, 2008

Time to exercise your rights and choose your new oppressors, you lucky people you. Yes Arlington, Texas, it’s election time again. You get to vote for, brace yourself, city council seats, AISD and Tarrant County College trustees and our very own water district regional board. Exciting, isn’t it? Early voting started Monday, April 28th, and continues thru May 6th. Election day is Saturday, May 10th. Here’s what you need to know:

Ok, for starters, there’s actually elections going on across Tarrant County. You can go to Tarrant County’s election site for more info. As for Arlington citizens, here’s my handy step by step voter’s guide:

First, find out your City Council District here. Be sure to note where you vote May 10th at the bottom of your info page. And write down your County College district as well. If you have no idea who the current council critters are, check out this map of the city council districts. For those of you who like to vote early, continue reading.

Second, go to the League of Women Voters site and read through their Voter’s Guide for some candidate Q&A. You will find all the Tarrant County early voting sites listed on page 2, and you can vote at any of them.

Next, go check out your sample ballots. That way you know exactly what you will see in the booth when you vote. What ballots you will have depend on what districts you live in. For us, there might be an election in your specific city council district. Regardless, we all get to vote in the district 6 and 7 elections because they are both at large seats. And your Tarrant County College district may or may not have an election, so be sure to check. As for the water district board election, all Tarrant County citizens get to vote in that one.

Well, that’s the gist of it. No excuses now. For even more information, check out the Arlington Library’s elelction info page. And while you are at it, check out an Arlington library. It won’t hurt, I promise.

Endorsements coming soon (as the checks clear).


Olympic Torch Protests-Updated

April 7, 2008

To all you people who are attacking the athletes carrying the Olympic torch, go fuck yourselves. What a bunch of fucking assholes. Those athletes aren’t suppressing anyone’s human rights. Get the hell over yourselves and quit giving the Free Tibet movement a bad name. You are all a bunch of spoiled children.

Seriously, what the hell? Make yourself heard, chant, wave signs, whatever. But this is too much. I have lost all respect for any of you. And I am sure my fellow citizens will be out in force to make asses of themselves Wednesday when the torch hits San Fransisco. Go ahead and throw your shit at some athlete like the god damn apes you are.

I am the first person to say China (editor’s note: I was angry here, and don’t really think China sucks ass. I do think their government sucks ass. For the record I think ours does too.) sucks ass. I fucking HATE dirty stinking commies. I am all for overthrowing the Chinese government and ridding the world of the stain that is communism. But guess what, ruining some athlete’s one chance to carry the Olympic torch in their home country does NOTHING for your cause. You are not hurting China. The games will still happen, millions will watch them, advertisers will still advertise, and you will get to say you ruined some non-Chinese person’s big chance to be part of history. Way to go fuck-holes.

Goddamn I am pissed about this. But I should expect nothing less from a bunch of people who want to free a place most of them probably can’t find on a map. Well, for all the people who didn’t get to carry the torch I say a big FUCK YOU to all the Free Tibet people.

Update-Way to go protesters, you’ve stured up a nationalist fever typhoon in China. And the communist government is, surprise, exploiting it for their own devious purposes. Wonderful, seriously, because the world needs nothing more right now then one billion pissed off Chinese people with an ax to grind with any one who appears to actually like filthy western values like democracy and freedom. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

You know, we went to the Olympics in Nazi Germany in 1936, and if we had skipped it we wouldn’t have seen Jesse Owens kick some Arian ass. I think we should have gone to the USSR too. I hate the Chinese government, but I have nothing against the Chinese people. The Olympics are about the unity of people, not governments or ideologies. I plan on watching them, and so should you. Cheer for the athletes, get caught up in their stories. The Olympics are special, don’t fuck them up for the rest of us.