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It never ends

July 31, 2007

I am not one to believe there was a happier time in the past when everything was wonderful and peachy. That would be what conservatives believe. What I want to see is some sense of planning for a future that doesn’t suck as bad as the present. Is that really too much to ask for? The short answer is unfortunately yes.

Why? Well, for starters we still live in a world where a majority of people believe in fairy tales. And the fairy tale that most folks in this corner of the globe believe in doesn’t have an ending that would lead one to care about tomorrow. Quite the opposite really. Why conserve, why take care of the planet when the flying spaghetti monster is just going to come and make it all paradise-y again anyway? In the end it gets a “reset” and its happy times forever. With that as the end all be all of their faith, is it any wonder there is such a backlash against saving our planet and in effect ourselves? Because only the flying spaghetti monster can save us.

Religion teaches you to not accept responsibility for your actions (it’s the devil’s fault), not to fix things for yourself (just pray and put it in the flying spaghetti monster’s hands), to hate all those that won’t buy in to your “faith”, and to feel all self righteous because you will get the biggest house on the block in fairy tale paradise land. Well good for you. In the mean time all these insanely huge mega-churches sure would house a lot of poor people.

But religion isn’t the real problem here. No, it’s that the masses keep taking the bait, keep fighting the wars, keep propping up the institutions that keep the rich and powerful, well, rich and powerful. We are our own worse enemy. Every damn one of us. We believe in nations, we accept the money driven economy, we keep allowing ourselves to be divided and conquered. Religion is just a tool, as are nationalism and patriotism, to keep us all so busy hating each other that we never notice that we are being played the fools.

We are rallied around flags, told stories of the heroism of our ancestors, and are then sent off to kill total strangers. And we do it with zeal. We go to work every day and piss away our lives so that we can scrape together just enough crap to feel we are “successful”. We are fed countless lies about how we need politicians to run our lives and we believe it, not because we necessarily want to, but because it’s so much easier then thinking for ourselves. Let someone else deal with it all, put your faith in the flying spaghetti monster, in the president/king, in Wall Street.

It never ends. The masses have always been stupid. And because of that we deserve to die in wars, we deserve to slave away for scraps, and we deserve to perish when the environment finally flips out. That sounds so rough, so fatalistic. Doesn’t make it any less true.

We deserve everything that comes our way because we make our own reality. Every one of us is part of the whole, and how we collectively act is the deciding factor in what we collectively sow.