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Looking To Next Year

December 30, 2006

Before I enter into a New Year’s influenced alcohol induced como for the rest of the weekend, I want to share two articles worth reading.

The first concerns the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Why western media never mentions the SCO is beyond me.

And the second involves China/US relations in South East Asia.

Relations between the US, China and Russia, especially concerning energy, will continue to strain more and more as energy demands increase world wide. Watch for more developments in 2007.

Until then, Happy New Year!


The End Is Near

December 28, 2006

Well, its the end of another year. We survived an election, are still at war and are already gearing up for the 2008 elections. On a personal note, I got a job.

All in all not a bad year. Could have been worse.

As for 2007, well, I plan on working to get Wes Clark elected president. He is the right person for the job.

Other then that, I do plan on keeping this blog alive next year. I know I haven’t posted a whole lot, but with the 2008 election hysteria already starting, I plan on joining in soon.

Have a safe and happy New Year.

Ok, before I go, a couple of lingering questions.

First, what ever happened to Mark Foley?

Second, what ever came of the massive oil spill off the Lebanese coast caused by Israeli bombing?

Third, what is going on in the Plame investigation?

Fourth, what is the fate of New Orleans? I hear it brought up every now and then, but it seems to have slipped away overall.

Fifth, why are we still having voting machine issues in this country?

Sixth, anyone ever mention the war on drugs anymore?

Seventh, what happened to all the anger over folks being held in illegal foreign prisons? Bush admitted as much during the election run up. Is the international community holding any investigations?

And finally, Osama who?

A Cold Saturday Morning In Hell

December 9, 2006

It is fucking freezing here in Texas right now. I need to rake the leaves that have taken over the yard but feel no desire to go out in this cold ass weather. So I’ll use blogging as an excuse to avoid the leaves. Finally, a good use for this blog.

As you probably already know, annatopia is no more. It seems my arch nemesis, and loving wife, has decided to focus her attention over at Texas Kaos. That’s cool. Of course now I can’t cross post on her site to steal readership. I guess I could post on TK, but then god only knows what kind of freaks might read my stuff, leave comments and expect me to respond.

Anyhow, let’s visit the monkey’s blog news center to catch up on what’s going on in our world.

First, because I have been wondering what ever happened to this story, we get a wonderful example of our elected public officials doing what they do best, covering their asses:

House washes its hands of Foley case

The report released Friday said Republican lawmakers and aides for a decade failed to protect the teenagers vulnerable to Foley’s advances and remained “willfully ignorant” of the consequences.

“At its core, such conduct is an abuse of power and an abuse of trust of the pages, their parents or guardians and the Congress itself,” the report said. “Behavior of this kind cannot be excused or tolerated, as it undermines the integrity of the House.”

Ok, sounds good so far. You would think someone is about to get their ass handed to them. You would think. Sadly, despite this:

The report released Friday said Republican lawmakers and aides for a decade failed to protect the teenagers vulnerable to Foley’s advances and remained “willfully ignorant” of the consequences.

and this:

The committee criticized Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., saying the evidence showed he was told of the problem months before he acknowledged learning of Foley’s questionable e-mails to a former Louisiana page. It rejected Hastert’s contention that he couldn’t recall separate warnings from two House Republican leaders.


and this:

The committee said one witness, former House chief clerk Jeff Trandahl, testified he warned the head of the supervisory page board, Rep. John Shimkus, that Foley was a “ticking time bomb” who had been confronted repeatedly.

The warning came in November 2005. Shimkus, R-Ill., confronted Foley and told him to stop sending e-mails to the former Louisiana page.

nobody is getting in any trouble. Shorter Version: Even though they know people knew, and that those those people willfully ignored what was happening, no one is being held responsible. The only hope now is that the police in Florida can nail Foley. I always thought from the beginning that law enforcement needed to be involved, in no small part because Congress is not above the law and should be treated like everyone else. So hopefully they will be able to do what our elected public officials could not.

Also in the news, the troops returning from Iraq with PTSD are being kicked out of the military. NPR did a great set of stories on the subject, which prompted some of our Congress Critters to write a letter to