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It figures…..

March 25, 2004

I was lucky enough to have had a delivery job during the Clinton impeachment trial because I could listen to the radio all day and keep up with what was going on. Now however I am missing another historic moment, the broadcasting of the 9-11 commission testimonies. Apparantly Richard Clark kicked some serious butt yesterday. I have only gotten the hi-lites, if someone knows where to find a transcript, let me know.

Am I the only one who has noticed that there are a lot of really well stated arguements against this mis-Administration, yet whenever the Republicans try to rebuttle its usually along the lines of “oh, we found this one obscure piece of paper that doesn’t really prove anything, but, it could if you fold the corner in, pull the tab and bam, a paper wookie.” Seriously, I have been trudging through the news like everyone else since 9-11 and I have this feeling that the folks in Washington are either playing us or they are retarded. With us or against us, bring it on, there should be limits to personal freedom: who are these peolpe? I cannot believe that educated people who have been in international business all their adult lives believe this shit? How can anyone believe the world is black and white? These folks have to know so much more than any of us will ever know, so I don’t buy the bullshit act we get through the box.

Which brings me back to my point. I am missing the dirt from folks who can say what they think because they no longer have to keep their jobs. I caught a bit of Albright’s testimony, and she is such an articulate women, I wish I could have heard it all. Maybe they will release the 9-11 commission dvd when its all over. Oh, and if you want to watch small minds at work, watch Faux News trip over themselves trying to defend the Chimp in charge. Clark was smart enough to have been appointed by Reagan, serve under every presidnt since, and now he is stupid, so sayith the Republicans. Partisan? The White house held up his book for 6 months due to security concerns, so it would have been out back in October had they let it fly. I understand the need for security, but to then immediatly turn and say Clark released it to mess with the election is crazy talk.

What really unnerves me is that our government sounds like the school yard bully right now. Fuck the global community’s opinions! They are pussies. Fuck the Amercan people’s opinions! They are just a focus group. Like the rest of us don’t give a shit about this country. Whatever. President Clinton got head and we all got fucked. Why wasn’t terrorism dealt with in the 90’s? One word: Monica. President Clinton couldn’t respond because if he did it was politics. Now the current president is lying his ass off, people are dying and somehow this is a moral, god save America issue. Bullshit. Our troops are dying so President Bush can get reelected plain and simple. Look at the reaction the White House had towards Spain: they get attacked, prove the government lied about it, democratically changed their government and somehow the terrorists win. Such simpathy, such compassion. I fear the White House will brand us all enemy combatants before the election so that only President Bush’s supporters can vote, then he could actually win all the votes just like Saddam!



March 19, 2004

anybody actually read this site? if you do there is a war protest in crawford texas saturday the 20th of march. check it out at

crazy people

March 19, 2004

the world is full of them!

actually i don’t really believe that, it’s just that i have finally gotten hooked on reading other peoples blogs, and if you only get your outside contact with the world in this way, you may be led to believe everyone is nuts. i think the world is mostly filled with sane people just trying to survive the crazy fringes that scream the loudest. what a shame it is that most of our social discussions in the media revolve around stories with little real relevance to the everyday folks that make the world turn. a booby on tv, oh no! gay marriages, the sky is falling! and it doesn’t surprise me one bit that the top money making flick right now is a film about the torture of some guy who may or may not have existed. boring.

when i bring these topics up at school, most people seem to not give a shit. most people i know are not gay, not actively religious and have already seen boobs. they are more interested in discussing mundane topics like their families, an upcoming vacation, or the stresses of school and money. i forget sometimes when reading blogs that most people aren’t this rapped up in the “news”. there is another side of life they enjoy. home. worrying about what happens on the other side of the world when we should be worried about what is happening in our own homes, too much for me. now i know we live in a connected world, blah blah blah. but what good do we do ourselves staying up late at nite talking to people everywhere else when most of us don’t know our neighbors. i am guilty of this. much too much time in front of the box.

so what’s my point? i’m just feeling a little disconnected from my world right now. the media world i see on the screen is full of chaos and destruction. the crazy people are coming for us! what i see out my window is something entirely different. people come and go, the seasons change, and that’s about it. what drives people to the insane acts we see on the screen? too much free time?

religion, politics, money, borders; all made up. its all in our creative little heads people. most folks aren’t apathetic, they are just trying to play the game, have a little fun and live. But some of us must have power. we must create borders to fight over, create gods to fight in the name of and wealth to fight for. maybe its human nature, who knows.

i get so bottled up thinking about the latest headlines that when i get a chance to spend time with family i come across as a lunatic. war this, scandal that. who cares. my family just wants to know i’m ok. they know shit ain’t right in the world. but at that moment we are together, and that’s what matters. invoking the latest hell fire from the box doesn’t add to the moment; its a thorn that kills the moment.

so i got to wondering. shit has always been going bad for someone somewhere. but most people i know are only concerned with what is going on here now. so maybe its not that they don’t care that bad shit is happening to someone somewhere. its that they are trying to make the most of the fact that bad shit isn’t happening here right now. enjoying the moment. just being alive.

most of us have little real power in this world. but all of us are the world. why do we let the nuts on the edges run over us? maybe its because we realize that what is important is whats going on in our homes, not everyone else’s. but in focusing on the home, we leave too much room for the nuts to run around defining our world, telling us whats important. the news is always so heavy, so depressing that most people block it out not because they can, but because its an overdose that makes it impossible to focus on the little parts of life that make it worth living. i sometimes go to bed worrying that someone is coming for me right now. well, if they are so be it. i can waste my time left worrying about a possibility or i can enjoy the time i have left. bad shit will continue to happen.

my perspective: we are self conscious organisms on a speck of dust floating in a sea of infinity. all we need we have here. all we need is each other. we are all alike. we are all alone in our awareness. so why do we fight each other, condemn each other? what is the point?

but not everyone is fighting, most people in fact. no, life continues to drift by all over the planet everyday. lives are lived, things happen. the news doesn’t want you to know this because then you might not be so afraid, which might cause you to turn off the box and go outside.