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The Growing Population

March 29, 2006

Been thinking some more about immigration. Europe is having its own immigration problems too. Where are all these people coming from? Why, the third world of course.

With more people being born every year in countries with little to begin with, folks are moving about trying to find resources. Which means of course they head straight for developed nations where they can get work. I have a better suggestion for them. STOP FUCKING SO MUCH!

Seriously, if you don’t have any food to begin with, having more children will not help your situation. Its not my fault your government sucks. And I don’t care if your religious or personal beliefs tell you to supress your women and not use birth control. Get over it. Stop fucking up our world with your hyper-breeding.

Christ in hell, someone mail some condoms to Asia already.


The Growling Bear

March 26, 2006

It seems that Russia is slowly but surely extending its influence into some of its old Soviet Bloc nations. In Belarus Russian backed forces are fighting to keep a dictatorship in power, and in the Ukraine Russian backed forces are trying to regain power. Russian president Putin is an old school KGB man, and he is working to counter Western influence at his borders.

From Belarus:

Violent clashes erupted yesterday on the streets of Minsk, capital of the authoritarian state of Belarus, when riot police attacked protesters with teargas, stun grenades and batons, injuring several people.

Hundreds of demonstrators, who had been protesting against the allegedly fraudulent outcome of last weekend’s presidential elections, marched on a police station where their fellow protesters had been taken.


The violence will further ignite tensions within the country of 10 million that has been ruled since 1994 by Lukashenko, dubbed ‘Europe’s last dictator’ by the Bush administration. On Friday the US and European Union said that they would introduce ‘targeted sanctions’ against Lukashenko’s regime.

Yet Russia, Belarus’s ally and a cautious backer of Lukashenko said that a report damning the vote by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe had inflamed tensions.


It was unclear yesterday whether the violence would consolidate the climate of fear in Belarus or inspire further protests. The Belarus security services, the KGB, had warned before last week’s vote that opposition demonstrators would be arrested for ‘terrorism’ and could face the death penalty. Opposition activists and human rights workers are routinely jailed on charges ranging from ‘slandering the president’ to ‘unsanitary behaviour’.

The EU is not to thrilled about events in Belarus. They don’t want a dictator on the European continent. Who could blame them. But I think there is also growing fear of a Russian power resurgence.

Ahead of a meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Russia-Belarus Union, the Russian president advocated closer political, economic, and military ties with Belarus.

“We are meeting today to discuss the union state budget and some other problems. I would like to thank you for accepting the invitation to discuss these issues. I hope this meeting will take place as usual — in a warm and constructive atmosphere,” Putin said.

Russia and Belarus have long planned to join in a unified state with the Russian ruble as a single currency. But Putin riled Lukashenka in 2002 by proposing a plan under which Belarus would virtually become a part of Russia.

Lukashenka, however, spoke warmly of Russian-Belarusian relations today and stressed the need to boost efforts toward unifying the two nations. “In this short period of time since our last meeting [on 4 April in Sochi], there have already been some positive reactions from our people, Russians and Belarusians,” he said. “They hope we will be able to move forward in the main areas of the union building and there is every reason to believe we will. There are more than 15 issues on the agenda of the Supreme State Council and I think we will discuss them, make decisions and find solutions.”

Lukashenka and Putin’s predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, signed a treaty in 1996 promoting closer cooperation with Belarus. Last summer, Putin and Lukashenka set January 2006 as the date for introducing the Russian ruble as the single currency, a move that had originally been planned for last January.

Today’s Supreme State Council meeting culminated in the signing of an agreement planning to give Russian and Belarusian citizens identical rights as regards pensions, health care, and income tax by the end of the year.

Events in Ukraine show a similar trend:

President Viktor Yushchenko, sporting a bright orange tie, said talks would start immediately after the election to form a government restoring the shattered coalition of liberal parties that backed the heady street protests of December 2004.

“Tomorrow we start consultations with political forces which made up the coalition which was victorious in the Orange Revolution,” he said as he cast his ballot in central Kiev.

But he was aware that much depended on the outcome and that disillusionment over his record left his Moscow-backed rival, Viktor Yanukovich, poised to bounce back on the political scene.


At stake is the fate of a country of 47 million, whose “Orange” leaders have been unable to deliver on promises after prising Ukraine loose from centuries of Russian domination and setting it on a course for joining the European mainstream.

Optimism, generated by the turfing out of the pro-Moscow old guard, has evaporated amid slow growth and infighting.

Russia has lashed out over inclusion of two other neighbors, Latvia and Estonia, in the EU.

Sergei Markov, the head of the Moscow-based Institute for Political Studies, criticized Belarus’ former Soviet stable mates, Latvia and Estonia, which joined the EU in 2004, for effectively disenfranchising a quarter of their population and weighed into the debate about whether sanctions should be levied against Minsk following the incumbent leader’s disputed recent landslide reelection.

“Latvia and Estonia are less democratic states than Belarus,” he said. “As far as sanctions are concerned, they should be imposed on Latvia and Estonia, which have completely excluded 25% of their residents from political life.”

Also, from the same article:

He added that Belarus would need investment in the future and one possible way to obtain it would be through a long-discussed union with Russia, based on a model of “one country – two systems.”

The idea of a union state first emerged in 1997 to foster political and economic integration, in particular by standardizing taxes and tariffs, but has largely remained on paper. Belarus was to have adopted the Russian ruble as a single currency for the state in 2005, but the move has been postponed.

Sucking them back in one at a time. Russia has been trying to do this with other former Soviet controlled nations through the Commonwealth of Independent States, but has met resistance.

Guess Putin will have to keep working toward Asian domination throught the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Happy Birthday To Me!

March 22, 2006

Its my birthday! Been out of town on business, but I’m home in time for today’s celebration. Before I get too hammered I just wanted to do a quick post about a couple of things.

First off, I got a little pissy about immigration a while back. I went off about illegal immigrants being bad for this country. Well, I have another way of thinking on the subject I need to flesh out. If someone is willing to risk their life to make it here, they deserve to be here. I don’t think most citizens of this Republic deserve to be here as it is, being as how fucking worthless they are. One look at our pathetic voting numbers shows that most folks don’t bother to participate in the one thing that seperates us from a dictatorship. Oh sure, they’ll bitch about the system. Who cares what they say. If you don’t vote, you don’t matter. Period.

On that note, a felony conviction should not strip you of your right to vote. That is bullshit. If you want to participate, you should be able to. Also, November 2nd should be a national holiday. And much more effort needs to be made to let folks know where to vote. I vote in every damn election that I can and still have trouble finding out where to vote sometimes. That is ridiculous. But I digress.

Back to immigration. People of the honky persuasion are still the majority in this country last time I checked, but we are also breeding less every year. Someone has to repopulate this country. Bring in the hispanics! We took a large amount of this country from them in the first place, let them back in. Think they take jobs? I did, and still kind of do. But if they are willing to work their asses off, more power to them. Our citizens have become lazy and demanding. We need an infusion of new blood ready to work hard and rebuild this country. Its supposed to be a melting pot anyway, so let’s mix it up. Very few of the original inhabitants of this land are left. Our ancestors all came from somewhere else. Who are we to tell anyone else they can’t come here now?

Most immigrants come from countries where the family unit still matters. As does community. Think about this: there are large areas of this country that have been all but abandoned, left for decay. These new folks are just what we need as a nation to revitalize many areas, like inner cities. Many immigrants come and start small businesses. I am all about that. I hate large companies. I think we need to go back to smaller, family owned businesses for the good of our communities. This type of business is more loyal to its employees. They create jobs in the community that stay in the community.

Ok, it seems I am done ranting for the moment. I had a few more things to go off about but the wine is kickiing in. I will continue this tomorrow. In the meantime, Happy Birthday to me!


March 18, 2006

Well, hope you all had as much fun for St. Patty’s Day as we did. It was worth this hangover. Anyhow, I know I haven’t been posting much lately. Sometimes you just have to take a break, ya know. But I’m starting to finally get in a rhythm with work, so things should pick up around here.

Oh, and Wednesday is my birthday. I will be 32 years old. There was a time in my life when saying that would have depressed me, but I am finding my 30’s to be the best decade yet. Something about getting my act together, making a little money, and just generally feeling like a grown up.

It was fun being in my crazy 20’s for a while, but it got old eventually. You can only party so long, be broke so often, and be irresponsible so much. Eventually you find out there are other things in life, fun things you were missing out on. Like having the funds to take a great vacation, or owning your own place that you can screw around with and make your home.

So here’s to being 30-something. I am deeming it the “I’m finally an adult” decade.

Fuckin A

March 3, 2006

Well, haven’t blogged in a while. No need to really. World still a shithole, politics still boring as fuck, and nothing else particularly fun to talk about. Iran still wants nukes, Bush still fucking up this country and the Middle East, and Iraq is still a slaughter house.

On a brighter note, I still work for the evil empire, there are still millions starving in Africa, nuclear weapons still threaten our existence as a species, and the environment is still slipping into the abyss. If none of that kills us off, wait for a big fucking rock to come out of the sky and finish us off.

Anyhow, Russia is trying to push its way into the world politic, India is getting nuclear technology from the US, and everytime you buy anything in this country you support communism. Oh, and a terrorist supporting monachy is trying to buy some of our ports.

Did I mention yet that as a country we are so concerned about “illegal” immigrants and other governments owning our ports that we have forgotten that every time we pay taxes we support a government run by a war criminal who is waging an illegal war? Or that our government is evil incarnate?

Nevermind that our entire political system is a fucking joke. Nevermind that everything in our “reality” is a bunch of made-up shit. And nevermind that as a species we are the most fucked up bunch of atoms to exist in the universe. Forgetting all that, things are peachy fucking keen.

Why is it that humans expect every other form of life on this planet to die as we feel fit while we expect funerals and memorials, burials and tombstones? Why is it that we have this strange gift, if it can be called a gift, of “self awareness” that only seems to be leading to not only our doom but the doom of all life in the known universe? What the fuck makes us think we are so fucking special?

I have been blog free for almost a week now and I feel free of the propoganda and bullshit being spewed by the left and right. Because in the end there is no fucking difference between the two. Both want you to believe they are right, both want you to think there is some magical cure for all that ails the world. Let us not forget that all of it, from politics to religion, to society in general is made-up, a concoction of our over active and bored minds. Its all crap. Nothing more. Pure shit.

No, let us instead focus on, and prop-up, more shit, more self destructive nonsense. Let us argue and wage war against each other for made up reasons: for fake lines in the sand and fairy tales. Why the fuck not.

I read something today that made me think. It basically read, “some people want to believe, other people wish to understand.” There is a big difference between wanting to believe in the made up reality we seem to thrive in, and understanding that it is all bullshit. I have tried to believe countless times, but have come to understand that there is nothing to believe in because “believing” in something that doesn’t exist is the biggest and most destructive activity humans participate in.

Look around you. Does any of this feel natural? Is this really life? Do you think this is how some “god” meant for us live? Do you not feel reality screaming out to you to wake up? Do not the trees and the sky and the ground beneath your feet feel alien and lost to you?

You know what, never mind. Go back to worrying about elections and budgets, candidates and governments. Feel pride in your invisible boundries and murderers, I mean troops. Watch your false realities flash by on the fickering screen. Sorry to bother you.