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July 30, 2004

this is scaring the shit out of me. i have been reading about the diebold voting machine disaster in the making for months, and now we see them in action.

Earlier this week, state election officials reported that a computer crash erased detailed records from Miami-Dade County’s first widespread use of the touchscreen machines in the 2002 gubernatorial primaries and other elections.

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frozen pot parfait

July 25, 2004

Teen finds different kind of roach in food

somewhere someone is digging in their pockets wondering where in the fuck they put the rest of that joint.

money isn’t everything

July 25, 2004

apparently good people still exist. who knew.

bush-voodoo queen

July 25, 2004

this just shows how far bush will go to win the election:

Sources say Bush operatives are being planted in the Kerry campaign to obtain key elements of the Kerry voodoo doll: Scraps of the candidate’s hair, skin, clothing and handwriting. The doll will be used to bring on a combination of physical pains and political setbacks.

damn those republicans and their black arts. maybe kerry can fight back with his smile.

shrimp bandaid

July 25, 2004

yes during a time of war, even shrimp can be called on to do their part:

With bleeding the primary cause of field deaths, the military has long looked for better ways to treat wounds. In lab tests in 2002, chitosan bandages sealed massive bleeding wounds in 30 seconds, far more quickly than conventional bandages that absorb and then leak blood. The carbohydrate that makes up chitosan is found in abundance in shrimp, worms, lobsters and insects. The biodegradable material carries a positive charge and bonds with negatively charged red blood cells to form an artificial clot.

freedom of speech

July 25, 2004

i’m sure this is what our founding fathers were thinking of.

via cpr4democracy:

Who paid for this? Who approved it? Who imagined that those of us who are smart enough to see through the treachery of our current government, would actually submit to being confined here? Are we criminals for voicing our opinion? That’s the not-so-subliminal message being sent here. If the media were to actually film a demonstration in this pen, would we not look like criminals to anyone seeing us on TV? “Beware, this is what will happen to you if you dare to question the system.”

In my well of emotional experiences, the closest I can come to describing the gut wrenching shock that gripped me in this cage is being brokenhearted. I love my country. I love her enough that I have dedicated the rest of my life to her care and wellbeing. But my country doesn’t love me back. She has betrayed me with lies and doublespeak.


July 6, 2004

this strip pretty much sums it up:

In memory of Walter Erik Volkenannt

July 3, 2004

I just learned today that a friend of mine, Walter Erik Volkenannt, died a couple of years ago of a heroin overdose. We were in basic training together. His parents have since set up an addiction recovery center in his memory. I really don’t feel like typing right now, so I am just going to reproduce the post I left on his memorial page sign in book.

My heart goes out to Walter Erik’s family. I was in basic training with him. I recently found our basic traing year book and was reading things people had written in it when I came across a message he had left with his home address and number. I googled his name just to see if anything came up. We became friends after having ammo dump guard duty together. We used to sit around and tell wild stories about our lives before the military. Neither of us was very happy to be there. But we got through, and moved on. I hadn’t thought about him or basic training in years. Today is the 4th of July, and I just wanted to remember my buddies from the military. I used to have a picture he drew me. I wish I still had it. He helped me make it through basic training. He was funny, a little reckless, and a good friend. It tears my heart out to read about what path his life took after basic training. I have been reading lists of soldiers killed in Iraq for months, looking for friends names. He wrote that I should look him up some day. I never dreamed I’d find this instead.
We were so young and crazy in those days. I went into the Army to escape the drugs and violence back home. He was the only person I could talk to about my past. We joked about the things we had done and told over exagerrated stories of our explotes. But mostly we just talked. I remember how we smuggled a Heavy Metal Magazine from the PX once and it was a treasure to have in basic. I still have it.
I wish I had found that yearbook years ago. I wish I had had the chance to tell him thank you for being my friend.

His message in my yearbook:

Drug Buddy #1,

Legalize Mother Nature! (pot leaf drawing)
Dude it’s been cool chillin’ with you in Basic. (all o’s with peace signs in them)
Keep in touch.
Maybe someday we can trip together.
Drug Buddy

I hope you finally found peace.

cartoons from the right

July 2, 2004

found this on something awful. its a site of christian rightwing republican cartoons. it would be funny if it weren’t so scary.

i like this one.

the irr, or “that was in my contract?”

July 2, 2004

so i’ve been reading some newsites and blogs talking about the individual ready reserve. for those of you that don’t know how this works i am going to share a story with you.

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