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For Crying Out Load

August 1, 2007

Get a clue people. I am fucking over it. It’s all poison to the mind. We have turned the “Garden of Eden”, the only glimmer of paradise in the cold vacuum of infinite reality, into a shit hole. And I mean every one of us. Pay taxes? You’re part of the problem. Drive a car? Surf the net? You are sponsoring your own destruction. So what the fuck is the point of this whole god damn game? Why do I get up everyday and participate in this crap? Why do we prop up a government that could give a shit about us? Or religions that fill us with hate? Is there some flaw in our design? Are we just acting like the apes we are, just with nukes instead of bones?

I have tried for years to understand the human animal. But what escapes me is why this, this world around us, is the reality we choose to make for ourselves. We have virtually infinite potential. We can do damn near anything we want, and this is what we manifest? Really? Fuck us, fuck us all. We deserve nothing because we have been given everything, the keys to the gates of paradise, and we turned the fucking place into a strip mall.

I just don’t know what to do with it all anymore. My head is a god damn mess. Politics, religion, war, environmental collapse, economic collapse; it’s all coming to get us. Run for your lives. Too bad there is no place else to go. So sit in the shit like the rest of the monkeys and throw some at the windows.

But whatever. Move along, nothing to see here.