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So That Happened

November 17, 2016

I have been trying to put to words my thoughts and feelings on the election. For now this video will have to do:

Aftermath November 2016 from Steve Cohen on Vimeo.


Thoughts on the OAS

May 16, 2014

Um, what? Read this article and see if you can figure out what exactly these people want to achieve. My biggest problem with this and similar movements is the conflicting, manic, and utterly incoherent nature of their stated grievances. They throw around words like tyranny, freedom, liberty, revolution and the like as if it’s a contest to see who can use them the most per paragraph. Yet they never seem to have a real answer for what would happen the day after if their little fits of rage actually achieved their purported goals.

They all seem convinced that America was paradise right up until President Obama got elected. That somehow everything suddenly went to shit in 2009. I’m not in any way saying there are no problems in this country. There are real issues that need addressed, both here and globally if humanity is to continue to survive, not just thrive. However, what these folks seem to be selling has more to do with listening to too much hate radio than actual facts.

What do they really want? What does their dream America actually look like? I am guessing the 1950’s is as best a vision as we can find. Back when women and minorities knew their place, the MIC was never questioned in their drive to kill us all, this country was laser focused on destroying communism to the point that things like human rights and democracy abroad meant nothing. A fever dream of American might, of industrial strength and fanatical patriotism.

The echo chamber they live in pumps them up more and more each day. And this I fear will eventually lead to real trouble. We worry about lone wolves, but at some point, especially if a Democrat wins the White House in 2016, this will boil over into more. One of these days a group of these angry white guys will actually try and follow through with their threats.

I am going to guess that these same folks all voted for the very politicians that have sold the heart of this nation to Wall Street time and again. That they cheer when taxes are cut but then bemoan the crumbling of the very institutions those taxes support. And no doubt their versions of freedom and liberty will do nothing to further the causes of civil rights, environmental stewardship or universal peace.

No, they are our version of the Taliban. Fundamentalists clinging to an ideal that never really existed, willing to take up arms and force their own view of paradise on the rest of us, with no regard to the hell they would in fact create. Revolutionaries who would in the end create another failed state, one where real tyranny would rein supreme. History books are filled with them.

How Much Do You Know?

February 1, 2006

Via Unscrewing The Inscrutable, take a quiz to find out how much you know about the seperation of Church and State.

That Christian Love

September 29, 2005

So Pat Robertson calls for the assasination of Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez. Well, it seems Pat is not the first Jesus Eater involved in Venezuela.

Found this piece on COHA’s site:

Evangelicals in Venezuela: Robertson Only the Latest Controversy In a Long and Bizarre History

..One strand of the often unsavory and arcane history of U.S. evangelicals in Venezuela goes back decades. In 1946, members of the North American based New Tribes Mission, a fundamentalist Protestant sect, entered Venezuela from across the Colombian border. Posing as tourists and “curious explorers,” they settled along the Negro River in the region known as Casiquiare. At the time, the area was used for the exploitation of natural rubber which had not yet been replicated as a synthetic fiber and was, as such, still a vital strategic material. The arriving missionaries were not given a particularly warm welcome by the indigenous peoples living in the immediate area. The Aquencwa Indians, then led by their leader Horacio Acisa, soon began to violently resist their unwelcomed northern visitors.


Though New Tribes had come under fire from leftist university professors and the capital’s intellectual elite, criticism would shortly come from yet another, but unexpected quarter: the military. In 1976, Tomas Antonio Mariño Blanco, a navy captain and commander of the Federal Territory of Amazonas military garrison, ordered the detention of two American engineers bearing identification cards from Westinghouse, a leading U.S. defense contractor, and General Dynamics, which produces military jet aircraft. The engineers were carrying out mineral prospecting and were in the company of a missionary working for New Tribes Mission.

Jaime Bou, the New Tribes Mission head in Venezuela, intervened on behalf of the Americans. After staff members from the U.S. Embassy later joined Bou’s efforts, the two were released and the case was closed. However, Antonio Mariño reported that the missionary organization had been financed by General Dynamics, which had sent funds and pilots from California. According to Mariño’s investigation, New Tribes was also linked to a shadowy California foundation called District 1355 as well as the evangelical sect, Summer Institute of Linguistics. All New Tribes missionaries had taken courses with the Summer Institute of Linguistics, an organization repeatedly accused of ethnocide and espionage in other Latin American countries. Antonio Mariño had determined that District 1355 had sought to acquire a concession in Colombia to cultivate rice and other crops, which it proposed flying out of the region in a fleet of C-141 planes.

The concession, located between the Meta and Tomo Rivers, was known to contain deposits of silica and cobalt. Bou along with some of his associates had traveled to Puerto Carreño in Colombia to meet with members of District 1355. Shortly thereafter, Colombian president Cesar Turbay Ayala prohibited the Summer Institute of Linguistics, New Tribes and District 1355 from operating on Colombian soil. The president declared that the missionary groups had lent support to unauthorized overseas transnational companies which were searching for strategic resources.

There is a lot more in the article, but let us focus on the New Tribes Mission.

You stand at the edge of a village. Men and women talk, but their words make no sense to you. The way they think and live is utterly foreign. These people have no concept of the God of the Bible. You are here to plant a church.

Yes, a new culture, a glimpse into human history. Let’s beat the native out of them with a Bible. We all know how well Christianity has worked for so many other indigenous peoples.

Fucking Jesus Eaters. The Right is as dirty as they come. Figures they use their death cult as a front to get into other countries and steal natural resources among other things. And General Dynamics, well, we all know they are part of the evil empire so no big surprise there.

Sad part is, these fuckers are everywhere, killing cultures with Jesus love as quickly as they can. And I wonder what other covert shit they have going on today.


January 23, 2005

Pope reaffirms no condom stand after Spain debacle

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope John Paul has stressed that the Roman Catholic Church believes abstinence and fidelity within marriage, and not condoms, are the best way to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Praise Jeebus!

January 8, 2005

Oh my god. You have to see this site. It’s by the guy who brought President Bush back to baby Jeebus. Seriously.

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rapture monkeys

December 15, 2004

Holy handgrenades. I think I just found the scariest christians in the world. Seems there is 20 million christain zionists in America who support Israel because of biblical prophecy. Only they don’t support the Jewish faith, because in the end of times all jews must be converted or burn in hell. These people approve of the wall, the killing of muslims and pray for the end everyday. Let me say that again: these rapture monkeys want war, and I mean the war to end all wars, are working diligently to move more jews to Israel, and are against any kind of peace in the middle east.

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I’m having a godgasm!

December 14, 2004

There is this ongoing conversation on the left about how to deal with the conservative Christian movement in America. In order to deal with something you must first understand it.

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cartoons from the right

July 2, 2004

found this on something awful. its a site of christian rightwing republican cartoons. it would be funny if it weren’t so scary.

i like this one.