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fucking christ

November 30, 2004

so i was catching up on jaun cole’s dual with Colonel Yigal Carmon of MEMRI and i started wondering what other groups of the israeli persuasion might be out there influencing our government.

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the old us of a

November 14, 2004

meanwhile back here in never never land, things are going swimmingly. lets see, our country is as divided as it can get, our government is controlled by radicals and the fundementalists are working to christianize america.

our president wants the man who argued for torture to be our attorney general, wants to cleanse the cia of anyone with an opinion outside his own, and may soon get the chance to appoint supreme court justices friendly to his ideals.

our dear leader has pissed on the international community, thumbed his nose at the environment and pledged to continue making americans poorer.

wonderful. have a great sunday.

as time rolls on….

November 14, 2004

well, iraq is still a mess. surprise.

fallujah is a disaster. and to say there are no civilians left there is bullshit. but one must wonder what is happening with all those that did leave the city, you know, the refugees.

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veterans day

November 11, 2004

happy veterans day to all of my veteran friends. this is the day to remember that we are the ones with the courage to fight for, and die for, our country. many of our brothers and sisters have given their lives while wearing the uniform. goddess bless them all. and to those of you out there who may have forgotten, remember that we are the ones that protect your asses.

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another day, another adventure

November 8, 2004

well pooh. what a shitty end to a long journey. another four years of the same. whoopie.

anyhow, i feel the need to vent a little. i feel like i have the touch of death. almost everything i touched over the past year or so went to shit.

first there was dean. damn that was fun while it lasted. too bad the media fucked that up.

tried to recoup with morris meyer. but that wasn’t the same. he lost too.

tried school politics by helping a friend run for student congress president. we got our asses handed to us.

even restarted the university democrats on campus only to have that ruined for me by the same asshole who fucked it up in the first place.

i could never really support kerry, but i tried.

even the stadium tax thing went to shit. fuck the cowboys.

bummer. maybe i should just stay out of politics in general. now seems like a good time to focus on what is really important to me. my home life needs some fixing. me and the wife could use some time to get to know each other again. she is so sad right now, and i feel powerless to help her. in fact i feel in the way.

school sucks but i need a job, so i have to graduate. another income would help a lot. i hate what i study but it will get me a good job and that is what’s important.

i don’t think happiness is all its cracked up to be. i haven’t been happy for a long time but i am still here. i get up everyday, do my thing and survive. that is what matters in the end. everything else is a distraction. no one ever said we are supposed to be happy. we just stay alive a little longer.

so, another day another adventure. there is more i would like to talk about but people who know me read this so i can’t even really get it out here. i am imploding and there is nothing i can do about it. nothing except survive another day.

oh, and iraq is still fucked up. joy.

the man speaks

November 2, 2004

go read george washington’s farwell address to the nation. it is amazing. and he fortold what the political parties would and have done to our people.

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my moment in the sun

November 1, 2004

today at my college there was a protest rally. basically it was the republicans protesting the democrats and the democrats protesting the republicans. instead of joining in the great protest circle jerk, i gave this speech:

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