The American Taliban Strikes in Las Vegas – Updated

June 9, 2014

Updates below.

No doubt the shooters in Las Vegas will be dismissed as lone wolves, as nothing more than aberrations. Because admitting they are in fact years of right-wing hatred and fear-mongering made manifest could lead one to realize that maybe, just maybe, we have a real and serious problem in this country. That just possibly the ‘Liberty’ and ‘Freedom’ fuck-fest that has enriched a few might actually have real-world consequences. Like, for instance, two police officers being gunned down in cold blood.

No, these two asshats are the end product of an entire industry that prays on the worst of humanity. Within their twisted ideological rants are contained everything that has spewed forth from hate radio, from Faux News, from World Nut Daily, from countless would -be politicians, talking heads, ideologues, grifters and bottom feeding conspiracy peddlers. Their call for ‘revolution’ is the same as heard daily from any number of sources. They hoped to get a response that would be brutal, that would fill television screens across this nation with an overly aggressive governmental response in order to finally stir the blood of their ilk to a boil and bring about their blood bath wet dream.

This is what is hoped for at the Bundy Ranch and OAS. This is what is trained for by countless militias. And this is what is prayed for by those that hope to come out on top in the Mad Max version of reality these people have in their fucked up heads. This is the American Taliban, fundamentalists who would destroy everything to impose their dangerous and down right disastrous beliefs and views on the rest of us. They see themselves as martyrs, no different than suicide bombers who give their lives for the cause. They are the true believers, warriors who sacrifice themselves and anyone else who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because we are all expendable, even condemnable, if we are not as self-righteous as they.

What result do they ultimately seek? What is the end game of their call for revolution? Who the hell knows. They didn’t. None of them ever do. Because to see that their so-called war against pretty much everything would inevitably lead to a ravaged society, where the most opportunistic seize control, would be to understand the history of these types of movements, and the dangers. Facts are anti-thesis to these people, reality but an inconvenience to be swept under the rug once they have burned all the history books.

But, as is usually the case, they will be forgotten soon enough by the media and the public. Because tomorrow there will be another crazed shooter, another lone wolf. And another. And another. They will always be held at arms reach by those that fed them the hatred that drove them, at least until there is enough of them acting together to finally fill the streets with blood, to cleanse society of the unwanted, the unworthy. Meanwhile gun sales will go up, more will prepare for the inevitable war, while the parrots on the Right continue to dish out dose after dose of poisoned Kool-Aid.

Update – It seems I am not the only one who gets this.

Update 2 – This article about the driving factors behind mass shooting seems pretty relevant to these two fuckers.


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