It Looks Like Home

September 27, 2008

Ok, so I think everything transfered over here. If not, well, it’s gone now.

I am anxious about the debate tonite. It’s not that I think McCain is smarter, it’s that he has a whole team of shitheads feeding him one liners intended to put Obama on the defensive, or at least screw with the flow of the debate. But Obama has made it this far, even surviving against the force that is Hillary Clinton, so there is hope.

On the upside I want to see McCain get confused without Mrs. Homewrecker by his side to hit reset. And if we can just get some anger, some flustered pissiness, well all the better.

But McCain is not some new kid on the block. And though he is not the man he was in 2000, he may still pull it out of his ass and come across as sane. Let’s hope not. The best scenario to me is Obama getting it right on the surge not actually working because of several factors outside of our control, then nailing the Pakistan issue (they are shooting at us now), not going retarded with his Israel love (though it may be better if he keeps that up tonite for mass consupmtion) and then bringing it home with our failure to capture Osama bin Laden.

And oh please, please let McCain slip up and mix Obama and Osama, that would just make my night. Or at least come across in his usual condescending tone; that would make him look even less presidential then the past couple of days.

Now, he will no doubt play the POW card all night, jerking off his hero worshipers. That’s where Obama has to tread lightly without constantly saying how he just respects McCain to the point of making himself look like he has no point being there. This is where he really has to find a way to trip up McCain, get him off message; if Wes Clark can get slammed for not even saying anything bad about McCain, then Obama does have to manuver with some grace.

Anyhow, I guess it’s up to Barack to win this thing tonite. Good luck Mr. President.

Ok, forgot Georgia. McCain will bring up Putin and Georgia. Obama will have to give a history leason to get through this one. Hope he has the time.

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