Earth to Bush

June 14, 2008

Surprise, surprise. Once again, when disaster hits, our fearless leader is no where to be seen. No, he’s on the other side of the planet trying to start another war, because the other two he started are going so swimmingly.

I know it’s a lot to expect this shit head to give a rat’s ass about the people of this nation, but come on. I am sure the leaders of Europe would understand if the boy king cut his farewell tour (like he’s some kind of fucking rock star) a little short and at least showed up for a photo op or two. But no, he’s hanging with the French Prez (when did we start talking to the cheese-eating surrender monkeys again?) trying to convince the Europeans that it would be really cool to bomb the fuck out of some more brownish people. Besides their Muslims, and Europeans hate Muslims, so why not bomb millions more of them back to the stone age? Makes sense to me. I’m sure none of this will ever come back to haunt us.

As for all you poor people in the Mid-West, well maybe if you had some oil Bush might care about your freedoms. Hell, he might even have a few of you tortured to show you his compassionate side. But since your just a bunch of suffering citizens, well, you can just go suck a nut. Maybe he will ship you all some nice France wine.

While we are on the subject of public servants, where are our presidential candidates? This would be a good time to show what real leadership looks like. They should be out in front of this, pushing hard to make sure this doesn’t end up like Katrina, trailers and all (many of which, incidentally, should be available soon).

Speaking of which, where do you think that water is heading? My guess is down the Mississippi to New Orleans. Time to test those rebuilt levees.

Tellingly, as I write this there isn’t a single blip about the flooding on the front page of

Update – Good:

Mr. President?

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