Campaign High

February 23, 2008

Still riding that campaign high. What about you? After the rally at Reunion Wednesday I am fully charged and ready for another week and a half of craziness. And crazy is a good way to describe all that is going on. There are new house parties, canvass parties, GOTV parties, Bra-Rock The Vote rallies, and Town Hall meetings being dreamed up, planned, organized what seems like every thirty minutes. I honestly don’t know how the staffers keep it all straight in their heads.

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(Sorry this is up late, forgot to hit publish this morning.)

At the East Side office we now have internet, phones and we got the banner up yesterday:

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So stop by and phone bank, get a phone number list, say hello and meet some of the wonderful staffers that have taken up residence there. And we can always use more food and drinks, just make sure what ever you bring doesn’t need refrigerated.

All the signs and bumper stickers that showed up this week have already been handed out or sold. Anna had 1000 “Texans for Obama” bumper stickers arrive from Austin Thursday, and those are all gone now. People are hungry for anything and everything with “Obama” printed on it. We have been handing out leftover campaign literature from Kansas and folks are glad to get it. The swell of support we have seen is amazing and inspiring.

From my email inbox:

Good news! We have an office phone number (North Side) :817-626-6008

Upcoming Events:
1/23 Precinct Captain and Convention Training – 9-10am – 6322 Brentwood Stair Rd
contact: Cisco (415)420-7704

1/23 East Side Office Opening – 11am – 6322 Brentwood Stair Rd
Potluck/Phonebank/Canvass Kick-off

1/23 – Obama Foreign Policy Team Townhall
Members of Senator Obama’s foreign policy team will be visiting Fort Worth this Saturday afternoon. General Scott Gration,Denis McDonough, Dan Restrepo, and Greg Craig will be speaking about why Senator Obama is best prepared to be the next Commander-in-Chief and restore America’s standing around the world.
When: Saturday 12:15pm
Where: UTA Bluebonnet Room, 2511 Rodeo Plaza

1/23 – Phone Bank
Bluebonnet Room
Help inform local voters about early voting and the March 4th Precinct Conventions! The best way to help!

1/24 – Denton Precinct Captain Training
Hosts: Kristen Dore and Ashley Baia
Location: Emily Fowler Library
502 Oakland, Denton, 76201

1/24 Phone Bank
Bluebonnet Room

1/25 Phone Bank
Bluebonnet Room

There is a concert/rally being planned for Denton right now, with Flickerstick and other local musicians signing on. The staff is trying to get Barack or Michelle to stop by. I believe they are trying to plan it for next weekend to remind everyone to caucus after the primary.

Mark Greene from wants to know if anyone has prime locations for large Obama signs:

Large Signs are Here!!!

We will be bringing in and erecting 60-70 4×8 signs in Tarrant County over the weekend. We need:

1. Good locations (private property, high visibility, owner’s permission)
2. T-posts (6′ heavy – if you would like to buy/donate some the best deal is probably at Tractor Supply – should be around $4.00/ea and come in bundles of 10 – need 140 total)

Please contact Mark Greene by e-mail at:

with your contribution/commitment. Include addresses, phone numbers, property owner’s name, etc. We will be moving fast and not have time to stop and chew the fat. You can call Mark at 817.881.3190 if you need to talk with him, but email is best.

That’s what I have for right now. I need to get to the East office and set up for Precinct Captain training. Stop by today if you get the chance. We will be having a nice potluck lunch after 11 am followed by some canvassing. See you there!

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