It all comes down to March 4th

February 14, 2008

I heard a little birdie last night say that who ever is ahead after March 4th will be considered the party nominee because the Democratic Party big wigs realize we need to start a national campaign soon. We can’t wait till August for the national convention to pick one, it will be too close to the election.

So it is extremely important that we win here in Texas. We have the largest number of delegates left, and we need every one of them. This is coming down to the wire people so if you have been thinking about becoming active this is the time to do it right now.

Everything hangs on the next three weeks. This is make or break time. The staffers and volunteers are working non-stop to get people registered and trained, but it’s up to all of us to get out there in the streets and let people know that there is hope, that there can be change for the better, and we can’t just vote we need to caucus as well.

Caucus training should start this Saturday and continue at various locations up to the primary. If you haven’t already registered to vote it’s too late for the primary but not for the general election, so get registered you slackers! Pay attention to the Tarrant County Texans for Obama site for times and locations of training and future events.

After being at the TCU for Obama event last night (Lance has put together a great group there!) one question did come up. If you are a Texas voter but are not going to be able to go home to vote call your county elections office (or see if they have a website) and get a mail in ballot today! Don’t wait because you need to have time to get it and mail it back.

One event that is coming up is the Cowtown Marathon. This is a high profile event and we need to be out there in force with every sign and t-shirt we can find. There is already some organization going on for the event, but don’t let that stop you from finding out more on your own. We need to know where we can legally be, what we can do and any ideas on how to get more visibility. So don’t be afraid to call the event organizers and find out what we need to do to be seen and heard.

On another note, there has been a lot of talk about super delegates at the national convention. I heard from a reliable source that the super delegates will generally vote for who ever the people vote for, because the party officials who make up the super delegates realize that if they override us we will have their heads. So ignore all the bullshit about that for now and focus on winning every primary and caucus between now and March 4th!

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