No one to blame except yourself

February 9, 2008

Over on Dkos I ran across this post yesterday. The short version is that the author was angry at Code Pink for protesting Marine recruiters and the city of Berkley for voting to kick the Marines out of town (symbolically at least). Now, if you read the post you can hear the frustration in the author’s words, and he(?) does update later after cooling down. What got my goat was in the comments was the idea that protesting the recruiters would somehow help stop the war, and that Code Pink was showing great courage and exercising their First Amendment rights and should be applauded for their efforts.

Well, I wish I could agree with them. I hate this war. But I refuse to support anyone who would stand in front of a recruiting office protesting. Why? Because it’s not the right place to express your grievances about this war. The recruiters didn’t start the war and they can’t end it either. No, there is this other place called Washington D.C. where our elected officials start and stop wars.

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As I said in the post’s comment thread:

Wow, reaching much?

I guess I must love me some genocide. Yep, that’s it. Joined the military to kill babies and rape their mommas.

What gets me about this whole comment thread is that it feels like two different conversations at once. Half of us are trying to say “just don’t hate the people wearing the uniform” and the other half are talking about the first amendment. Look, the Iraq war, the out of control military-industrial complex, all of it, are all due to the failure of the citizens of this nation to uphold their duty of making sure the people holding elected office are doing their jobs. All the ranting in the world won’t change that fact. Blaming it on the msm, the schools, whatever, won’t change that fact. The fact is, if you hate what our soldiers are doing in Berkley or Iraq, you have no one to blame except every single one of us. Every citizen, every voter is at fault. Protesting some recruiters because the American people have failed our nation makes as much sense as protesting a cow because McDonald’s serves hamburgers.

I am not proud of many of the things our country has done. But I am damn proud of the fact that you and I can have this conversation and not be beheaded. And that is all due to the sacrifice of many brave people, people who you might very well disagree with on about everything, but who non-the-less would die for you and me. So no, don’t support what happened at My Lai. But put the blame where blame is due. If we hate what our military is doing then why aren’t we all marching on Washington right now, all of us? Because that is where the power lies, that is where the decisions are made.

Now, I’ve had my say on military service in the past. As the posts in my “Military/War Rants” category will show, I have very mixed feelings about the subject. And while I get that Code Pink is trying to get information into the hands of possible recruits,

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