Four Years Later

March 18, 2007

Does anyone else find it surreal that this country has been in Iraq now for 4 years? That hundreds of billions of dollars and tens of thousands lives (if not more) have been wasted in an illegal occupation? And that to this very day there is still folks in this country who support the president and his illegal invasion no matter how many scandals surface?

In a time when news is available like never before propaganda still flourishes. Lies are repeated over and over again even when the evidence proving them wrong is presented free of charge to anyone with five minutes to kill. The right, having been proven not only wrong but also guilty of the most heinous of crimes against humanity, still runs free to spread hatred and fear amongst the sheep.

Well, one can only wonder what is to become of this supposed great nation. What lies in our future? More war, more lies, more erosion of the fabric of our republic?

We have in fact been in Iraq for much longer then 4 years. Try closer to 40 years. We propped up Saddam, gave him WMDs to fight Iran, and now are trying to control the mess left with his overthrow. And we have learned nothing.

This administration has lied to us, cheated us and sought to suppress our voices. It has eroded our precious rights and freedoms in ways terrorists could only dream of. Yet they remain in power.

Osama bin Laden accomplished much more on 9-11 then many realize. He opened the door for the right to wage war on this country. See, the war on terror has never been about bin Laden or terrorists, it is about war on progressive ideals, on liberty and the constitution, our constitution. The right hates America, they can not stand the idea of this country being a beacon of hope to humanity. The right fears freedom because with freedom comes truth, and with truth comes the exposure of their crimes.

The real war being fought this day is against us, the citizens of the United States of America. Iraq is a distraction. Terrorism is a distraction. The real target is you fellow citizen. The right wants you to bow down and do as you are told. Conservatism is nothing more then totalitarianism, the complete control of what we think, what we do and who we are.

I would go so far as to say that we are in the middle of another civil war. Only the deaths and destruction are happening overseas. And because of this most of us aren’t paying attention. It’s easier to change the channel or talk about bullshit then to admit to ourselves that we face a grave enemy in our country, that the highest office is occupied by the worst of criminals. I do not fear bin Laden, I fear George Bush and his minions.

The war on terror is no different then the war on drugs, a farce created to allow for the destruction of civil liberties and the profiteering of the business class. Issues like abortion, immigration and homosexuality are used to keep the conversation from turning to real dangers to this country like global warming, free market capitalism, the military industrial complex and religious zealotry.

When do we rise up against this insurgency? What will it take to really wake up our citizenry? And I am not talking about the Dems winning an election or two. When will we stop everything we are doing and march on Washington? Imagine the message it would send to our dear leaders if all of us, every man, woman and child just dropped what ever we were doing, circled Washington DC and shut this country down until these criminals were overthrown.

This is our country. It is our duty as citizens to protect it. Don’t kid yourself, the right is fighting tooth and nail to control you. Do you have the courage and conviction to defend yourself, your family, your country? We the people have the power if we choose to use it. Because fighting for freedom is the most patriotic action we can take, and there is no better time then now.


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  1. karen Says:

    Dude! You are right on right now. Just let me know when to pack up the kiddie and get to the capitol.

    hang in there, man. It’ll all be over one way or another… either the destruction of our atmosphere or the world’s financial/political leaders will get us… which one will get to us first?

    hope to see you soon in the sumer world.

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