Does America Matter?

January 14, 2007

Do we matter any more? Has the US lost its influence in the world? As the US becomes more and more aggressive, countries around the world are forming partnerships, both economically and militarily, to counter an imperialist Washington.

From Asia to South America nations once victims of the Cold War are building relationships. South and Central America are having a socialist democracy movement, Asia Minor has the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and Africa has the African Union. Even Europe, after two world wars, has join resources under the banner of the European Union.

An International Court has been established, global cooperation on things like pollution are being signed, and the world is more connected then ever thanks to the internet.

Where does all this leave the US?

At a time when the US should be working with the international community to right the wrongs committed during 40+ years of cold war against the USSR, it is instead waging a global imperial war on ideology, alienating itself from a world grown tired of empires.

What George Bush fails to realize is that by exerting his will upon the Middle East he is hastening the need for the rest of the world to balance Washington’s power. The neocon dream has been the world’s nightmare for too long, and it would seem that the rest of humanity is beginning to see that there is more of them then there is of us.

At what point does the international community attempt to isolate the US? Or will we simply isolate ourselves? China is growing in influence because they don’t meddle in others politics. And we empower them because we don’t have a leg to stand on thanks to the reckless actions of the Bush administration. The US becomes the enemy of liberty and freedom while Chavez becomes a champion of democracy, even as he openly befriends a man who kills those that cry for liberty.

The US faces the stark reality of a hostile world. And we deserve it. We inherited a world wounded by colonialism, and proceeded to rub salt in the wounds in the name of fighting communism. Now the world is healing, and it is getting tired of the US boot on its neck.

Republicans love to use the events of September 11, 2001 to justify the neocon adventure of world domination. But they failed to see the true opportunity wasted that day. As the world opened its heart to us, we should have opened a real dialog of healing with the world.


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  1. Where does all this leave the US?

    With open borders, a B.S. Federal reserve zero backed dollar, china/japan trade deficit or historical proportions, india outsourcing, dwindling constitution and vanishing bill of rights, debt up the ass, but hey, we’ve got military bases baby, yeah WE GOT THE FUCKING BASES WORLDWIDE…until the UN takes them over due to debt.

    Here’s a letter I sent to communist senator Huthison and communist senator Cornyn today:

    I oppose efforts to regulate my First Amendment rights and to silence critics of Congress. Please vote for Amendment 20 sponsored by Senator Bennett and others to remove Section 220 from S. 1, the lobbying reform bill.

    If you think Americans are too dumb to realize what the treasoner John McCain is pushing for, think again. And to think that Sen McCain used to poke fun at John Ashcroft for limiting freedoms, this just puts the hypocracy of our elected officials in plain view.

    Last question: do you want the next generations to view you, Mr. Cornyn, as the senator who: destroyed the bill of rights, merged the US, Mexico, and Canada, supported horrible chicken hawk Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia foreign policy, supported the SPP, CFR, UN control handover, sold out to China, drove us into debt, continued “Rockefeller” republican policy, spooked America with “THE TERRORISTS ARE COMING”, looked the other way as 30 million illegal Mexicans ruin our country, and pulled off 9-11, the biggest attrocity yet. Just where are those guilty for 9-11? It wasn’t Saddam, but this was the logic behind the Iraq war, right?

    I digress, please vote for Amendment 20 sponsored by Senator Bennett and others to remove Section 220 from S. 1, the lobbying reform bill.




    Speak to them, write to them, e-mail them, text message them, call them, and vote against them if necessary (ha ha ha). Repeat as necessary until we get our country back from the one world corporate sponsored beast.

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