What In Fuck?

January 10, 2007

Let me see if I understand this correctly. The reason Tom Craddick will continue to be the Speaker of the House in Texas is because 14 Democrats, let me repeat that, Democrats jumped ship and voted for Craddick. Now, in case you are from Mars, Craddick is a Republican. And not just any Republican, no, he is the root of all evil in the state of Texas.

If you missed all the excitement, hop on over to Texas Kaos, Burnt Orange Report, or pretty much any other Left of Center Texas political blog. You can read the play by play, every sick and twisted detail.

Or if you are too lazy, here are the CliffsNotes.:

The Democrats had a guaranteed 68 votes out of the the 75 needed. Unfortunately, there exists 14 “Democrats” who are in fact Republicans. Why are they Republicans? Because they suck from Craddick’s teet. They sold out the Democratic Party and the citizens who voted for them, as Democrats.

Ok, so here is my beef. First off, what does it say to the folks here in Texas when the state Democratic party can’t count on Democrats to vote against one of the nastiest Republicans around? And for that matter, what does it say to the national party? Why bother spending money on Texas races if the state level party can’t control it’s own?

Which leads to the state party’s reaction. Boyd Richie should be out there at least, AT LEAST, expressing his disappointment in the “Democrats” who voted against the party and the good of the people. But as of


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