Happy First Friday Of 2007!

January 5, 2007

It’s the first of many to come. I hope. After all, Bush is still the president for two more years.

Which leads straight to Iran. There is one carrier group in the Persian Gulf right now and another on the way. Bush just named a navy admiral with a history of air campaigns, not ground combat, head of CENTCOM.

Why? Can anyone smell an invasion? A surge of troops, a bunch of ships, sounds like the right combination. I had this crazy thought when reading the BBC article that Bush will announce the invasion has began during the next SOTU speech. I can almost see it now, Bush grinning and beaming as he announces, after a good half hour of reminding the American people of 9-11 and terror, that even as he speaks US military aircraft are hitting targets in Iran while navy shelling rains down. US troops on the ground have been stationed along the southern boarder to protect vital supply lines from Kuwait. Bush declares that Iranian terror must be stopped and he is the Stopperer. The Republicans, and Liebermann, stand and cheer while the Dems sit in astounded silence.

I really need to quit watching the news. It’s making me paranoid. I mean, our president wouldn’t invade another country on false pretexts, would he?

A chill just ran down my spine. Anyhow, in other news, the mayor of NY is happy to pose with a black man the NYPD didn’t shoot.

As for the Dems taking control of Congress yesterday, I hope they have the courage and commitment to fight like hell no matter what the Repubs and the MSM throw at them. And a special congrads to Nancy Pelosi for becoming the first female Speaker of the House. It’s great that she is the Speaker, for many reasons, but it’s also pretty fucked up that it took over 200 years for a supposedly free and democratic nation to finally have a female in the position. Regardless, I am thrilled for her and for all my sisters that the “marble ceiling” has been broken. About fucking time!

Watching the Special Order speeches on CSPAN last night was a hoot. This jackass from North Carolina, Patrick McHenry, was going on and on about how Anti-Christ Pelosi and the Demoncrats (whose album, “We won, so suck a nut!” comes out this spring) were evil incarnate because they dared to use the same strong arm tactics on the Republicans that the Repubs had been using on the Dems for years. Oh, the horror, the horror!

Meanwhile the hanging of Saddam solved nothing and did nothing to stem the violence, the Civil War, in Iraq. Thank god we got him though, because now at least the 9-11 victims can rest in peace and their families can have closure knowing the man responsible for their loved ones’ murders is dead.


Seriously though, what our country has just done is unravel the very idea of sovereignty. Regardless of what anyone thought of Saddam the fact is our government turned its back to the international community, a community that had recently opened its heart to a wounded nation, and invaded another nation, disposed its leader, disbanded its military, and then imprisoned or killed anyone who tried to stop them, even sanctioning the lynching of its leader.

This administration has tortured, murdered and oppressed the Iraqi (and Afghani) people now for longer then it took us to defeat Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. They do it all under the cover of a generic war on terror, or the spread of democracy, or what ever the reason is today, while at the same time eroding civil liberties here at home.

George Bush has proven to the world that he neither cares for the sovereignty of other nations or the rights of the citizens this republic. Just look at what has happened to Jose Padilla. The man, an American citizen, has been driven crazy by torture this government administered. Or for that matter to the Iraqis tortured in Saddam’s old torture prisons by US personnel. Or to those in Guantanamo Bay, or to those in secret or even not so secret prisons around the world. Never mind the illegal wire taps and opening of mail. Is it any wonder the international community is afraid of Bush? If this is how he treats this country, just imagine what he can do for yours!

Bush has opened the door of preemptive strikes, letting the world know that if he doesn’t like you, prepare for a visit from the US military. And he continues to do so even as the American public calls for an end to the war in Iraq.

Human life means nothing to George Bush. Neither do liberty or freedom. And he is our president. Does human life mean nothing to us? Have we turned our backs on the beliefs expressed in the Constitution? I believe Bush quit representing the interests of this country the day he was sworn in. Now the world is paying the price for the ignorance, the utter disregard for reality, of the voting public who elected this fool not once but twice.

What can we the people do to stop the insane policies of this mad man? Can the Democrats reign in a president gone crazy with power? I sure hope so. Not just for the sake of this nation but for humanity as well.


Happy Friday! Don’t worry, it ain’t so bad. We can only invade so many countries in two years, maybe start a world war. No big deal. So, what else is going on out there? Anyone?


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  1. bush’s power stems from skull and boner dad and skull and boner nazi financier (seriously) grandad. his job is: to perpetute muslim hatrid with black op agents like, um, glen beck, FOX/CNN news, cia financed ‘miss magazine’, stir up shiite/sunni/kurd strife, make way for more consitution attacking legeslation like the patriot act (seen what’s been passed lately??), help the military institution / carlyle, haliburton…so he’s done a good job.

    too bad he’s not running in 08…too bad he can’t just be “president” forever: open borders, perpetual war, police state, depleted uranium artilary, killing the constitution, wiping his ass with the 10 commandments, hanging made patsies like saddam, installing big brother…

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