Iraq: get the fuck out. Now.

October 21, 2006

Ok, time for a “reality check” for the reality based community. We need to get the fuck out of Iraq now. Pull every single troop out, every contract killer, every trainer, everyone.

We should have never gone in at all. I never supported the invasion. I thought it was foolish and dangerous when we invaded Iraq in 2003. I never trusted or believed this administration, but many of you were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Because you learned nothing from our invasion of Vietnam or the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Well now it seems Americans are waking up to the realities of war. Wonderful. Thank you for pulling your heads out of your asses. Once again, too little too late America.

Invading another country takes commitment and brutal, murderous force. Think back to the colonial days, or even the ancient empire days. You have to be prepared to kill until the populace will is broken. And then you have to be prepared to keep killing anyone who dares to even think about resisting. You have to be prepared to take control and force your will through murder.

Now, you might be thinking “What about WWII?’ We bombed Germany to rubble, killing everyone and anyone with our carpet bombing. We were relentless, brutal. We destroyed city after city, reducing them to piles of rubble. If you think we only targeted the military industrial complex, you are naive. We did the same in Japan.

The biggest difference between those two countries and Iraq is that there were governments in those countries that people were loyal to in the first place. So when the governments finally fell, when there was nothing left to do but surrender, the wars ended. The general populace was so devastated they could not resist any longer. But in Iraq there was no real wide spread loyalty to Saddam. The populace had its own agenda from the start. So when we took Saddam out, every other agenda came into play. But we didn’t bomb the place to rubble to subdue them. You might say 600,000 dead is a lot, but we didn’t really go into it with the same murderous zeal we used in WWII.

We have never been in the position to force a government upon the Iraqi people. For starters, we have never understood the divisions that existed long before the British made Iraq the country it is, long before Saddam. We didn’t go in with a real conquering force, that could kill and kill until the populace will was broken.

The Iraq War has been a failure because we haven’t fought it like a real war. Bush tells us we are liberators, that we are there to give Iraq freedom. Besides being utter bullshit, that statement also means nothing in regards to war. War is about winners and losers. There is an enemy, and the war ends only when one side runs away or is obliterated. That is the lesson of Vietnam. We ran away because the Vietnamese were willing to keep throwing bodies at us, no matter the cost in lives, no matter the destruction. For our part we were not willing to win at any cost.

Now we face the same reality in Iraq. We are either committed to the whole sale destruction of the country to destroy the public will or we leave. All this talk about setting up governments, about spreading freedom, is worthless crap and shows the complete lack of understanding the American people have about the realities of war. We dropped atomic bombs on Japan and may very well have done the same in Germany because we were willing to win at any cost. We stopped in Korea without going the the last mile and look where we are today, still sitting on the 38th parallel.

I am not for the destruction of Iraq, or Afghanistan for that matter. But just like Iraq, Afghanistan continues to haunt us, even if the media ignores it. The Taliban is regaining momentum because we didn’t complete the war, because we shifted our attention to Iraq. We are making the same mistake the Soviets did.

We won Desert Storm because there was a clear objective: kick Iraq out of Kuwait. Mission accomplished, we left victorious. But now we are trapped in a vicious cycle of lies and propaganda by our own government telling us we are the police of the world and have a duty to spread freedom across the globe while at the same time defeating an obscure enemy and something as yet completely defined called terrorism.

Well folks, we have two choices. We either commit to war for war’s sake or we go home. We are either prepared to level every city and kill every person or we are not. War is not a fucking game. You kill until a defined enemy has no choice but to surrender and submit or is destroyed completely.

War is not about liberation, it is about victory or defeat. Our military exists to protect us from those that would destroy us. It was never intended to play the role of police force. Without a clear objective, our military forces cannot operate effectively. Our soldiers are dying every day for no reason, fighting with no greater purpose.

All this talk by our politicians about gradual withdraw or staying the course is insane. We need to leave now or commit completely. If we stay, we need to be prepared to win at any cost. But that would also require a defined enemy, a clear objective and an obtainable victory. Who are we fighting? Where are we fighting? For what purpose? The global war on terror, like the Iraq war, provides no answers to these questions.

Iraq is falling into chaos. Are we prepared to stop that chaos through brutal force? Are we prepared to commit to a global war against an ever growing mass of people that see us as an aggressor nation? Are we as a nation committed to winning at any cost? If not then we need to bring our troops home now. War is not a game, real people are dying. The longer we pretend like we are liberators the worse it will get.


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  1. derek Says:

    smell the coffee, bro. this country is going communism. in that case, it’s mandatory to be at war. MANDATORY! it’s forbidden to be at peace, that’s what people who embrace LIBERTY do. FORBIDDEN.

    my trouble is sorting out the red communists from the blue communists and making an ‘informed’ (ha ha ha) decision come election time…which is also becoming a crock. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  2. derek Says:

    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Advertising Terrorism by Keith Olbermann
    Category: News and Politics

    Advertising Terrorism

    The key to terrorism is not the act – but the fear of the act.

    By Keith Olbermann

    10/23/06 MSNBC Countdown – Video – Runtime 10 Minutes


  3. derek Says:

    Smell a rat Chris?

    October 25, 2006

    Why Pelosi is Wrong on Impeachment

    By Dave Lindorff

    House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in an interview with Lesley Stahl of CBS News, said impeachment would be “off the table” if Democrats take over the House of Representatives in November, calling it a “waste of time.”

    She couldn’t be more wrong, and most Americans know it.

    While Pelosi was responding to a loaded question from Stahl, who couched impeachment in terms of Democrats’ supposed desire to seek revenge if they retake Congress, Pelosi, who would become majority leader in a Democratic House, bought into Stahl’s argument, saying that she’d be “satisfied” to see the president and vice president spending the remaining two years of their second term as “lame ducks.”

    What Stahl should have asked Pelosi was whether she thought that President Bush had violated the law and the Constitution, and whether she believed he has committed impeachable offenses.

    The answer to that is clearly yes.

    Rep. Pelosi must know most of the president’s crimes are not partisan at all. They are crimes against Americans of all stripes, and against liberty and the Constitution.

    Just take the president’s order to the National Security Administration to spy on Americans without first seeking a warrant. A federal judge in Detroit has already found that the president violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act–a felony–and the Fourth Amendment. That is an impeachable act, and one which Democrats and Republicans alike would punish if they understood the the implications of what the president has done. Given that the secret FISA court has only rejected a handful of warrant requests out of over 70,000 made since 1978, the only reason Bush could have decided to violate the law is that he is doing something so outrageous he knew the hand-picked, top-security-cleared FISA judges would have rejected it out of hand.

    Or take the signing statements. This president has used so-called “signing statements” to render inoperative over 800 laws or parts of laws passed by Congress, claiming that he has the authority to do so because he is a commander in chief in time of war (the so-called “War” on Terror). Rep. Pelosi claims that if she becomes House leader, Democrats will want to pursue a positive, progressive political agenda, yet this will be clearly impossible if the president is allowed to simply continue issuing signing statements invalidating any laws passed by a Democratic Congress. Signing statements cannot be overridden, and if Democrats were to attempt to pass legislation outlawing them, Bush could veto that legislation–or render it inoperative with another signing statement. The only way to stop this unconstitutional usurpation of the founding principle of tripartite government is to impeach the president for blatant abuse of power.

    This too, is an issue that Republicans and Democrats should agree on, for if this president is permitted to ignore laws passed by the Congress, then subsequent presidents (perhaps a President Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama?) could also do it, citing the continuing “War” on Terror, and the Bush precedent.

    Does Nancy Pelosi believe that the president’s lies and deceptions and the conspiracy by his administration to trick the nation into a disastrous invasion of Iraq is not grounds for impeachment? Nearly 3000 Americans have died as a result of that deceit, and nearly 40,000 have suffered grievous wounds, while the US military has been stretched to the breaking point, leaving the country unable to respond to genuine threats. Surely the author of this ongoing national nightmare must be punished, so that future presidents will not attempt to do the same thing.

    These are only some of this administration’s crimes. Others include:

    * Bush’s role in attacking, and then covering up the attack on former ambassador Joseph Wilson and his CIA agent wife, Valerie Plame–a crime that was committed to discredit Wilson and discourage reporters from probing more deeply into his revelation that the documents used to claim Iraq was trying to buy uranium ore from Niger were obvious forgeries, and into who was behind those forgeries in the first place.

    * Bush’s authorization of torture as a policy for captives in Afghanistan, Iraq and in the nebulous, endless and borderless “War” on Terror. The president, in an act of desperation, has gotten the currently Republican Congress to ram through a bill granting retroactive immunity to all those, including himself, who authorized or engaged in torture, but this should not deter a Democratic Congress from seeking impeachment for an action that remains a violation of international law, that places American troops at greater risk, and that has destroyed America’s image around the globe.

    * Bush’s criminally negligent handling of the Katrina disaster in New Orleans.

    * The rot of corruption in the administration, highlighted by the Abramoff lobbying scandals, which clearly reach right into the Oval Office, despite the president’s initial lie that he didn’t know Jack Abramoff.

    * Bush’s refusal to testify under oath and on the record before the 9-11 Commission, and his refusal to provide officials and documents demanded by the commission regarding what the administration knew before the attacks and how it responded to what it knew. This obstructionism by the White House has been called close to an act of treason by former Sen. Bob Graham, who until the end of 2002 was the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and who has said if he were currently in the House would be the subject of a bill of impeachment.

    Rep. Pelosi may think Americans don’t want impeachment, but, like many Democratic leaders, ‘ simply out of touch. Indeed, the congresswoman will find a resolution on impeachment on her own ballot when she goes home to San Francisco to vote this November (a resolution that is likely to pass handily). Meanwhile, a new Newsweek magazine poll finds that fully 51 percent of all Americans believe that the president should be impeached–more than half of them saying this should be a priority. That same poll finds that 20 percent of Republicans think the president should be impeached, with one in four of those saying it should be a priority for the next Congress.

    These are astonishing figures when you consider that support for impeachment of President Bill Clinton never got higher than 36 percent, even at the height of his impeachment process.

    Maybe Rep. Pelosi should start listening to the voters, instead of to her campaign strategists.

    More importantly, she and other Democratic-and Republican–members of the House should recall that oath they took when they assumed office, which commits them to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

    The Constitution these days is under relentless assault by an enemy in the White House. Defending it is not a “waste of time” Ms. Pelosi; it is your sworn duty.

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