God Bless the U.S….. What The Fuck?

June 29, 2006

So I wrote last time about, well sort of wrote about, our responsibilities as citizens to be active in the governing of our nation. Which is good and all, but I still have my reservations about the system we use to do the majority of the governing, at least in our capitals, be they local, state or national. Which brings me to the point of this post.

I watched, and joined in, some of the blogging on various sites yesterday concerning redistricting. I thought, “hey, at least the SCOTUS is paying a little bit of attention, which must be good right?” Of course there’s disagreement about who won with yesterday’s decision, with some saying it was the Democrats and others the Republicans.

But then on the way into work this morning I heard a commentary on NPR, by whom I didn’t catch, that really got me thinking. Basically the commentator made the point that in the end the American people lost because what this SCOTUS decision really did was open the floods gates for gerrymandering anytime and everytime a political party in power feels like shuffling districts around to keep the odds of winning on their side in the next election.

In other words, whoever you think is representing you today may very well not be representing you tomorrow because a political party feels its own interests are being challenged. And by interests I mean power. This is complete crap. Total bullshit, pure and simple.

Think about it. You decide to write your congress critter. You explain what’s important in your district, the district you live in, pay taxes in. You fight for your district, trying to get your issues represented in congress. And guess what? The next year you are no longer in the same district represented by the same critter! All your work was for not. Why? Because someone, somewhere, decided you would be better off in another district. Oh, wait, I’m sorry, they decided they would be better off if you where in another district.

Now, your house didn’t move. Your neighbors are still the same. What changed is that now your neighbor right across the street is part of a different district. You meanwhile find yourself lumped in with a bunch of folks that may live miles from you, have different lifestyles, want different things. So what, right?

Well, the reason it pisses me off is because the redistricting has nothing to do with what’s best for the nation, the states or my neighborhood. It is all about power. It’s all part of the game played by our elected officials and their party handlers. This is right up there with the Electoral College in my book of “What The Fuck Is Wrong With This Nation.”

If we don’t even know who is representing us, if we are continuously being shuffled around, how on earth are we supposed to hold our elected officials accountable? Oh, now it makes sense. Nevermind.

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