March 18, 2006

Well, hope you all had as much fun for St. Patty’s Day as we did. It was worth this hangover. Anyhow, I know I haven’t been posting much lately. Sometimes you just have to take a break, ya know. But I’m starting to finally get in a rhythm with work, so things should pick up around here.

Oh, and Wednesday is my birthday. I will be 32 years old. There was a time in my life when saying that would have depressed me, but I am finding my 30’s to be the best decade yet. Something about getting my act together, making a little money, and just generally feeling like a grown up.

It was fun being in my crazy 20’s for a while, but it got old eventually. You can only party so long, be broke so often, and be irresponsible so much. Eventually you find out there are other things in life, fun things you were missing out on. Like having the funds to take a great vacation, or owning your own place that you can screw around with and make your home.

So here’s to being 30-something. I am deeming it the “I’m finally an adult” decade.


2 Responses to “Recovering”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I’m so proud I could just cry! You are all grown up now…LOL

  2. Fadhil Says:

    On the immigration issue, it seems you are misssing the big picture. Its not the hyper-procration of the third world per se that is the crux of the problem but in fact lack of it on the other side of the isle.
    Its no brainer that all those aging baby boomers will be needing some care as they age and their kids dump them in nursing homes and that is what is attracting immigration— and to fill a whole lot of other vacuums created by lacking of “fucking” flesh to flesh as you you would like to call it.
    Solution- produce your own poor kids who can take those jobs and not bent on selling drugs.
    Shelf the condoms for sometime and create a proper welfare state to feed them until they are grown ups to pave the tarmacs and please stop declaring every slow kid a retard and feeding them tablets. instead, leave them alone and they will do all the dirty Jobs–then finally you can close the border– and in fact they will guard for nickle and dim to protect their jobs.
    And finally let kids wean your children from their mothers breast at 15 and not 21 yrs of age.
    happy birthday by the way!!

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