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Quick Iran News Followup (Update)

February 19, 2006

Just a quick link drop for today.

First, if you are so inclined, Sharon Jumper at DKos has a post up about Iranian infiltration in Afghanistan. The most important link in her post in my opinion is one to the Centre for Research on Globalization which discusses quite a bit about the consequences of an invasion. I would read that article even if you read no other link here today.

And second, as I posted earlier, everytning seems to be riding on the Russia-Iran meeting tomorrow. There is a lot of speculation about what if anything will come out of the meeting.

I will update this post through out the day as more informatiom comes out.

Oh, and check out this article about Bush wanting to build a nuclear coalition to stop the spread of nuclear weapons to rogue nations. Too late buddy, we already have them here.

Update- Well, it seems we will have to watch another invasion unfold on CNN. The Russia -Iran talks have stalled, and though there is talk of possible continued meetings, things don’t look good. Iran is trying to do more damage control, claiming the Iranian president’s comment about wiping Israel off the map was taken out of context. And India, which had its own nuclear ambitions held over its head concerning Iran, has given in to pressure so it can get technology from France and the US. Funny, just a few years ago France was our mortal enemy after the invasion of Iraq, but now they are doing our bidding.

I am not supportive of the current Iranian government, but an invasion of Iran will not happen like it did in Iraq. Unlike the Iraqi military, the Iranians have a strong sense of nationalism. They will fight to the death. This is going to be a bloody year.