Its Saturday Baby! (Update)

February 18, 2006

About fucking time. Christ in hell this has been a long week. My lazy ass hasn’t had to get up and perform in a while. I finally got to catch up on all the blogging I’ve missed this week. As you are all no doubt aware, there is a lot out there to read and discuss. I won’t waste your time revisiting this week in the blogosphere. Instead I just want to share some posts I enjoyed this morning.

First, from DarkSyde via Unscrewing The Inscrutable, a great if not chilling post on the wonders and dangers of our solar system, in particular the left-overs of its development. The sky is filled with everything our species needs to survive, from water to metals, but it would only take one big piece of that to whipe us out.

Meteor Blades at DKos has an interesting post up about the pros and cons of the Democrats gaining majorities in the House and Senate in 2006.

Attaturk sheds some light on a difference between the Left and the Right-one side makes a living spreading hate.

Juan Cole, who as always is on the ball concerning all things Iraq, has two posts up concerning the Plame affair worth checking out. The first gives a great round up of the story, and the second talks about Valerie working on Iran counter-prolifetation efforts and if this had anything to do with her being outed.

Holy Shit! Billmon finally posted again. Just had to throw that in because I was beginning to think he might have been taken off to a “reeducation” camp by our government.

This one is a little old, but Glenn Greenwald discusses the changes in ideaology amongst conservatives.

And last but not least, I made the first round of the 2005 Koufax Awards for Most Humorous Post for my annatopia post Homegrown Terror. I don’t expect to make the second round, but just being nominated at all is pretty cool.

Anyhow, there was a bunch more on MyDD, BOR and the rest. But these were the ones that jumped out at me this morning. I will do a news round up later. Happy Blogging!

Update- This is a great post by Paul Rosenburg from My Left Wing. He is discussing the importance of a decent math education to our society. If you think you are math challenged, go read it. If not, read it anyways.

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