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Today’s News Roundup

February 16, 2006

Another wonderful day in the news.

First, we find out today that a United Arab Emirates state owned company is buying up ports around the globe, including several in the US. Using our money we gave them to get our oil fix, the UAE is buying our ports. The UAE is a Muslim monarchy. They supported the Taliban. And they are buying our ports. Wonderful.

Of course the ports were run by a British company, so its not like we owned them. And Britain supports our terrorism around the world, so I am not sure one is neccessarily better then the other. What does bother me about this is that not unlike the Chinese, Arab countries, also flush with our money, are buying our country piece by piece.

I am not a fan of either. I don’t want to live in a country owned by supporters of communism or radical Islam. Its bad enough to have to deal with our own religious fundies, neo cons and corporate facists. Let’s not add to the pile.

In other news being financed by US consumers, China is building up its military, no doubt to counter our own. And some countries in the EU are seeking to lift a ban against selling weapons to China. Wonderful. Because one military capable of destroying all life on this planet isn’t enough.

Just what we need, another communist super power. Because the USSR was so good for humanity. Thank the gods the US, who is against selling the Chinese weapons, is financing the whole affair with our Walmart purchases. Good thing we shipped all our jobs over there.

One country I haven’t posted on is Nepal. Its a little monarchy on the edge of the Himalayas. The country has been going to shit for some time, and things are at the breaking point. From what I can tell, our government has been supporting the monarchy, no doubt because of Nepal’s close proximity to China, and now the Maoists are trying to take over. Maoists are old school commies, and a quick read will fill you in on how lovely those folks were in China after the revolution.

Meanwhile, our Congress is busy trying to rev up support for war with Iran. Its this kind of agression that is leading to all the other shit in the international arena against us. Thanks to the apathy of our citizens, the corruption of our government and the greed of our corporations our country is a fucking joke. I am beginning to think a Democrat lead government could do nothing to stop this slide into oblivion our country is experiencing. I think it may be time to stock up on guns and buy some land, because there may very well come a time in the near future that citizens of this country are going to be left to fend for themselves.