Quick News And Rants

February 15, 2006

Well, things are going quite well at my new job. I have met so many people I’ve forgotten my own name. And I have jumped straight into a project that is running full gear, so this is, as one guy put it, “baptism by fire.” Lovely. All in all I am pretty happy so far, and as long as we are busy I have job security so I can’t bitch about the work load.

As for the rest of the world, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to blog as of late. I pretty much come home, jump on the treadmill (me and anna are trying to get in shape), and watch some Olympics before going to bed. But I do want to comment on a few stories.

First, I heard that the farmers in Florida are sueing FEMA to get trailers and money for the illegal aliens that work their farms who were affected by the hurricanes. Let me put this as simple as possible, FEMA money comes from taxes, and I do not pay taxes so illegal aliens can get free shit. I don’t care what you say about being humane, that tax money needs to go to American citizens. We have enough shit in this country to deal with concerning our own citizens, we can’t take care of people who are here illegally. And come to think of it, why are the farmers not in jail for hiring these people anyway? You want to fix the illegal alien problem? Arrest the owner of every company that employs illegal aliens while millions of citizens are jobless. Throw their butts in jail and see how long it takes for them to get the message. If they quit giving illegal aliens jobs, eventually the illegal aliens will get the message that they are not wanted.

We have to take care of our citizens, not worry about other countries citizens. America is sick right now, and as much as we may want to help the world community, we have to heal ourselves first. We need to employ our own, fix our health care and education systems, and get control of our government. The extra burden of millions of illegal aliens, many of whom mail their money home instead of putting it back into our economy, is only weighing us down right now.

Second, I think the reason Vice President Cheney waited a day to report the shooting is because he was drunk, or at least under the influence. And so Cheney waited, and now he’s using FAUX NEWS to tell his little tale. Propoganda and lies.

Next on the list, Muslim protests and Abu Ghraib photos. I am glad that more photos surfaced because it keeps this story alive. Too bad the people at the top got off at the expense of a few enlisted folks. As for the continuing protests over the cartoons, get the fuck over it already.

I don’t care if the Muslims are offended over the cartoons. Protesting like this over the torture photos would make a hell of a lot more sense. Those are real people being tortured, not fairy tales like religion. Or how about protesting like this against terrorism. I mean if most Muslims are not fundies, then why not unite and drive the terrorists out into the open and show the world Islam is not a hateful religion. The Muslim community keeps saying the extremists don’t represent all Muslims. Fine, turn against terrorists yourselves. Show the world you mean what you say. Otherwise those people get to keep defining the image of your faith in the world. Just like how America deserves to be seen as evil because of the torture photos and the reelection of Bush. Pot and kettle.

Let’s see, what else? I am also glad the lack of response by our government concerning the Hurricane Katrina and the destruction of the coast is still in the news. It would be fun to watch everyone pass the buck if there wasn’t real American citizens being affected.

Last one. Commies. It seems several internet companies are selling their souls to the Chinese communists. And don’t give me that shit about the country changing into a capitalist nation. The government there, as shown by this news, is still very much the old commies we fought against for 50 years. Google, Yahoo and the rest are fucking assholes. What they are doing is helping the enemy. Just like Walmart. Just like the oil companies who do business with the Saudis, who happen to really hate democracy too. Of course the biggest culprist in all this is everyone of us that buys pretty much anything in this country anymore because damn near everything is made in China.

Meanwhile all the jobs we don’t give to illegal aliens we ship overseas, and much of that oil money goes to ruthless dictatorships who support the religious fundamentalism that generates terrorism.

Funny how things work. Once this country stood against communism, now we enrich the communists. And we finance the terrorists that want to kill us. And we employ, educate and give aid to the illegal alien epidemic that leads to wage suppression.

Sigh. At least some things haven’t changed and give us images of the good old US of A we all remember and love. We still fuck with other countries governments, sometimes with our military, to push our own agendas. We still have plenty of racism, poverty and pollution. We still have a divided, ineffective government controlled by corporate money. And we still have plenty of our own issues with religion and government.

Hooray! Now, go back to being apathetic America. Because we will last forever, just like the Romans. Me, I’ll be busy working for the military industrial complex, because its the only fucking industry left for engineers to make a living in.

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