Cartoons in the news (Update)

February 2, 2006

It seems some editorial cartoons are causing quite a storm. First, there is the one about Donald Rumsfeld:

Personally, I don’t think it is attacking the troops at all. And I have to agree with this comment from the article link:

Well, despite the fact that Toles has a valid satirical point to make about the Pentagon’s overextension of troops in the field, we have to wonder: With the insurgency gaining strength every day, and reconstruction efforts crippled by high-level incompetency, this cartoon is what’s upsetting our nation’s military leadership?

The second cartoon, or cartoons, are of the Muslim Prophet Mohammad:

While I think people are entitled to their religious persuasions, I think the Muslims are way too fucking touchy about their beloved prophet. And to be fair, since I could give a shit less about religion, if I can find cartoons of Jesus, Buddha and Krishna I will post those too. Fair is fair.

Update- I found an all encompassing cartoon. Here it is:

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