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January 24, 2006

Jaun Cole lays out George Bush’s Top 10 Mistakes In Reacting To Al-Qaeda:

1. Bush vastly exaggerates al-Qaeda’s size, sweep and importance, while failing to invest in genuine counterterrorist measures such as port security or security for US nuclear plants.

2. Bush could have eradicated the core al-Qaeda group by putting resources into the effort in 2002. He did not, leaving al-Zawahiri and Bin Laden to taunt us, inspire our enemies and organize for years after the Taliban were defeated. It would be as though Truman had allowed Hitler to broadcast calls for terrorism against the US from some hiding place as late as 1949.

3. Bush opened a second front against Iraq before he had put Afghanistan on a sound footing.

4. Bush gutted the US constitution, tossing out the Fourth Amendment, by assiduously spying on Americans without warrants. None of those spying efforts has been shown to have resulted in any security benefits for the United States. Bush says that he wants to watch anyone who calls the phone numbers associated with al-Qaeda. But some of those phone numbers were for food delivery or laundry. We want a judge to sign off on a wire tap so that innocent Americans are not spied on by the government.

5. Bush attempted to associate the threat from al-Qaeda with Iran and Syria. Iran is a fundamentalist Shiite country that hates al-Qaeda. Syria is a secular Arab nationalist country that hates al-Qaeda. Indeed, Syria tortured al-Qaeda operatives for Bush, until Bush decided to get Syria itself. Bush and Cheney have cynically used a national tragedy to further their aggressive policies of Great Power domination.

6. Bush by invading Iraq pushed the Iraqi Sunni Arabs to desert secular Arab nationalism. Four fifths of the Sunni Arab vote in the recent election went to hard line Sunni fundamentalist parties. This development is unprecedented in Iraqi history. Iraqi Sunni Arabs are nationalists, whether secular or religious, and there is no real danger of most of them joining al-Qaeda. But Bush has spread political Islam and has strengthened its influence.

7. Bush diverted at least one trillion dollars in US security spending from the counter-terrorism struggle against al-Qaeda to the Iraq debacle, at the same time that he has run up half a trillion dollar annual deficits, contributing to a spike in inflation, harming the US economy, and making the US less effective in counterterrorism.

8. Counterterrorism requires friendly allies and close cooperation. The Bush administration alienated France, Germany and Spain, along with many Middle Eastern nations that had long waged struggles of their own against terrorist groups. Bush is widely despised and has left America isolated in the world. Virtually all the publics of all major nations hate US policy. One poll showed that in secular Turkey where Muslim extremism is widely reviled and Bin Laden is generally disliked, the public preferred Bin Laden to Bush. Bush is widely seen as more dangerous than al-Qaeda. This image is bad for US counterterrorism efforts.

9. Bush transported detainees to torture sites in Eastern Europe. Under European Union laws, both torture and involvement in torture are illegal,and European officials can be tried for these crimes. HOw many European counterterrorism officials will want to work closely with the Americans if, for all they know, this association could end in jail time? Indeed, in Washington it is said that a lot of our best CIA officers are leaving, afraid that they are being ordered to do things that are illegal, and for which they could be tried once another administration comes to power in Washington.

10. Bush’s failure to capture Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri allows them to continue to grandstand, to continue to frighten the public, to continue to affect financial markets, and to continue to plot. Al-Zawahiri almost certainly plotted the 7/7 London subway bombings himself, and gloated about it when he issued Muhammad Siddique Khan’s suicide statement. Misplaced Bush priorities are getting our allies hit. The CIA is reduced to firing predators at villages because our counterterrorism efforts have been starved for funds by the Iraq quagmire. If al-Qaeda does pull off another American operation, it may well give Bush and Cheney an opportunity to destroy the US constitution altogether, finally giving Bin Laden his long-sought revenge on Americans for the way he believes they have forced Palestinians and other Muslims to live under lawless foreign domination or local tyranny.

Personally, I think Georgie wants another attack. He needs at least one more, so he can declare martial law, suspend elections, and become in de facto king. Bush will say it is all neccesary in order to protect our freedoms, as he imprisons countless americans, destroys what is left of the media and rips the Constitution to threads. And since this is a neverending war, he will have to stay in power, well, forever.

You have to wonder about the timing of all these tapes that keep coming out. And how ambiguous threats materialize whenever it is convenient for the Repubs. I am starting to wonder if BushCo is in fact working with Bin Laden and crew. Everything happens at just the right time, just when Bush needs things to happen, to change the focus and keep the public on edge. Its like a bad movie where you know something is about to happen because the movie is so formula driven.

And any protests will be violently crushed, because King George and his cronies will say the rest of us are a threat to national security. Get ready for the re-education camps. I wish this were all a joke, but I honestly believe that fucker wants to RULE this country, not just lead it. And we are one attack away from his dream coming true. Just one more on this soil and game over. Because enough of the public has its head so far up its ass that they can’t help but follow along. Its almost as if some people want this to happen too. Then they can “prove” the left wrong and in their self-rightious way tear apart any institutions that BushCo has convinced them are part of the great evil.

The right is so full of anger, so pent up with the need for blood, that Iraq is no longer enough. They need more. They need to feel justified, so there is nothing left to stop them from straight shooting people down in the street. And we are one attack away from that. Just one.

But in the end all this has nothing to do with terrorism. This is just an excuse to go back to the days of lynching, of people “knowing their place”, of witch trials and public executions. The Right wants hatred, feeds on it, to the point that they are the very evil America has supposedly been fighting against for the last 100 years. Go read their sights, listen to what they say. They hate everyone, sometimes even themselves. Because we are ALL sinners afterall, and only the brutal hand of god can crush the evil within us. They are exactly like the Taliban, exactly like the fundies in the Middle East.

Our country is in danger, and it all hangs on one more attack. BushCo has done nothing to really improve security in this country because he wants another attack to happen. He keeps igniting anger all over the world to cause one. He is pushing and pushing, waiting and hoping, for one more attack. Then its all over but the crying. Then no one will be able to stop him from going after the world.


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  1. percy Says:

    So hurry and take away our hand guns and rifles so that we can’t fight back.


  2. monkey Says:

    wow, i didn’t think you ever ventured over here. this is why we need more guns in my opinion, not less.

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