Its almost over

December 6, 2005

Well, the end is near. Two finals and I am free. Hooray!

Oh, and this is too cool. I am graduating Magna Cum Laude!

Anyhow, will be back in a few days.


3 Responses to “Its almost over”

  1. Heather in SF Says:

    Fuckin’ A…Congratualtions, Chris!!!
    Best of luck on those two finals…and then it’s time to get drunk! 😉

    Looking forward to buying you a celebratory beverage here in the City by the Bay!

  2. Glad that I meet another monkey here..hehe..
    I’m goint to graduate,too~Just hoping to get a good job.:)
    Best wishes to you.:)

  3. gina Says:

    wow! aren’t you some kind of smarty smart!


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