Who is the terrorist?

August 22, 2005

I have been reading up on Che Guevara and Luis Posada Carriles and I have a question. One helped put Castro in power and the other tried to kill him. One opposed the US government while the other is supported, if not officially, by the US government. Both murdered people. Which is a hero and which is a terrorist?

The left holds Che as an icon, while holding Posada as an example of the government supporting terrorism. I am torn. This all stems from my postings on Venezuela, that Chavez and Castro are in cohoots. I am not a fan of Castro, to borrow a line from the Dead Kennedy’s: how many liberators really want to be dictators? And while I think what Chavez is trying to do is a good thing, the idea of supporting anything linked to Castro chills my blood.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not supporting Posada. He is a murderer. But if he tried to kill Castro, good. Now folks say since he is supported by the CIA, he must be bad. But what of Che? Did he not also murder people, while claiming he was doing it for the good of the people?

So is either a terrorist? Both? Does it depend on who you ask and where you are? Che may have meant well, but the reality is he helped put Castro in the seat of power. Call it socialism, he still fought on the side of the communists. And I have yet to read one good thing communists have done for the human race.

Posada has connections to drug smuggling (Iran-Contra) amongst other things, but tried to kill Castro. Luis Posada worked with the CIA against the spread of communism, no doubt doing some pretty bad shit in the process. We all know the history of US intervention in South America.

And how can the left idealize a man who helped spread communism which crushed human rights everywhere it spread? Posada is no poster boy for spreading democracy himself. Both men were soldiers for a cause. Is one any better than the other?

I find this a tough subject. It’s similar to my quandary on our troops in Iraq: I feel deeply for them because I too was a soldier and have friends there, but I cannot say I forgive them for killing 100,000 Iraqis.

There is no middle ground in morality. But it seems to me being human is nothing but middle ground. We can say we only kill because we have too, because someone made us. But why are we being made to shoot each other in the first place?

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