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Having Thought About It

August 18, 2005

Go read a history book. Soldiers are not heroes.

Is there really a difference between a terrorist and a soldier? Each accepts the weapon freely. Each kills for money, patriotism, faith, or some other ideal. The atrocious behavior they exhibit on the battlefield is no different. The names themselves are interchangeable depending on which side of the war you stand.

Wars are waged by the powerful at the expense of the masses. But it is the masses that agree to fight said wars for the powerful. I don’t see Bush raising a finger in combat. Why should he feel bad for Cindy Sheehan or the others mothers who have lost sons in this war, or any war for that matter. In the minds of the powerful, we are all pawns on a chest board. And we put ourselves there. Why should the powerful feel bad for us when we voluntarily rush into battle for them? We don’t have to fight. We don’t have to do a goddamn thing. But because we have all bought into this man made system that is civilization, we join the military and go murder other members of the masses at the whim of the elite.

We put ourselves in the line of fire. Whether it’s a bomb tied around the waste or an M-16, no one forced these things upon us. At some point each individual person made a series of decisions that led to them standing there with a weapon. And the real irony, at least for us in the West, is that we finance these ventures in population control with our tax dollars.

This war in Iraq is a perfect example. The elite wanted a war in Iraq, so they lied their collective asses off and got one rolling. The public, despite the tireless work of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, never bothered to find out for themselves what the truth was. They just plugged in. Took it hook line and sinker. It’s like those folks who watch wrestling. They know it’s not real but they choose to overlook this fact. They get emotionally wrapped up in it. They scream and yell, supporting their favorite wrestler while booing the evil one. The general masses are no different. We get all worked up over shit like religion, nationalism, and wealth and who benefits in the end? Its like that wrestling match, we show up, pay money to get in, invest our emotions in the event, but leave with nothing real, nothing attained. Those running the show leave wealthier of course, and they move on to find the next group of suckers.

Is it because we are so bored that we buy into these scams in the first place? Are the masses just too sedated to accept responsibility for their own actions, thoughts and deeds? Why do we keep fighting their wars for them? What pity do we deserve for propping up the system that enables this to happen?

Iraq is no different than any other war. Someone somewhere with a lot of power (or some other made up statute used to subjugate humankind) decided they wanted something someone else had. This first person convinced a bunch of other people to go get it from the second person even if it meant the other people might die. Which they did, in large numbers. Then the first person got what the second person had. All of which was financed by the other people. The end.

I love it when people tell me that’s just the way it is. What defeatism. Things are only this way because we make it so. We make ourselves miserable. We made up civilization, we made up religion, and we all buy into the idea of wealth regardless of how miserable it all makes us. The earth we live on is the Garden of Eden. It is a perfect paradise, and the only such place we know of. We have all we need, and yet all we do is fight over it. Age after age, one generation into the slaughter after the next we dance into wars fought for reasons soon forgotten by time. We rape the earth, poison our environment and claim to be enlightened beings, children of a divine being. What horseshit.

It all keeps building up. More people, faster consumption, bigger wars, all growing exponentially. At some point it tilts against us. But who cares, what’s the point. War is good for business. And even if some people do care, fuck ’em. Just paint them as traitors and the masses will ignore them.

Apparently life is too easy on this rock we call home. We humans have too much time on our hands. We are so successful that a couple million of us get slaughtered in a war and we move right on to the next war without missing a step. More bodies on the pile with each passing battle, while the corporate fat cats smile. It’s not their kids dying after all.

So we the masses march on into oblivion, fighting each other so a few can have more. Brilliant really, when you stop and think about it. The masses deserve no sympathy, and we get none. On to the next war!

And the soldiers, children of the masses, will continue to murder each other for their masters. Because that is what soldiers do. Heroes? I think not.