Sometimes dead is better

March 16, 2005

I have avoided posting on the Schiavo story thus far partially because I didn’t feel it was all that important. But it is. You see, to me at least, the fight over whether or not to remove Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube is about our control over our lives.

It’s bad enough that our government feels compelled to tell us what we can and cannot put in our bodies, ie the drug war. Nevermind the fact that it is illegal to kill yourself, which makes no fucking sense.

No, this issue is important because the state of Florida, and its govenor Jeb Bush, feel compelled to intervene regardless of what this woman’s husband says. Now we have to fight our own government for the right to die.

Look, this woman is a vegetable. She can only stay alive artificially and has no sense of self. She is already dead. But for political reasons, Jeb and crew are pandering to public pressure, for votes, to pass laws denying her a respectable conclusion to her life.

Schiavo, who wants his wife’s feeding tube removed, said Bush stepped into his personal life and used the case “to win votes, just like the legislators are doing right now. What kind of government is this?”

“It’s really uncomprehensible for a governor to come into this without any education on the subject and push his personal views,” he said during the interview, not far from the Tampa Bay-area hospice where his wife is cared for.


The House bill would block doctors from denying food or water to someone in a persistent vegetative state, but would make exceptions for patients who left specific instructions.

The Senate version would block the denial of food and water only in cases where family members disagreed on whether to maintain feeding. Then the patient would be kept alive unless he or she had expressed different wishes in writing.

Ironically, this story is big news because it has become a fundie cause. Ironic because one would think that a bunch of death cult freaks (Christians) would be all for letting this woman go to a better place. I keep reading about how the fundies hate science, so why they support artificially keeping Terry out of heaven is lost on me.

Also, since the religiously inclined are all about the sanctity of marriage, why are they stepping into this one? Mr. Schiavo didn’t beat his wife or cheat on her, instead he has watched her deteriorate for decades and made the decision, his decision, to let Terry go. It is not up to her parents nor the public to decide Terry’s fate. Let me be clear, when you get married you make a life long contract with your spouse, one that includes life and death issues such as this. Terry’s parents, who claim at least to be religious, have no control in this situation. Their daughter is married, and her future is not theirs to decide.

And yes I am attacking her parents. They are all god gooey over this too. Let the woman go. People die, its part of life. Let her find peace with her maker if you really believe. But that is just it. Christians fear death I think inpart because deep down inside they know that all that heaven stuff is crap. It is a sign of the weakness of their faith. But I’ll save that arguement for another post.

And who the fuck do the legislators in Florida think they are kidding by passing this appalling bill specifically targeted at this one case? How fucking irresponsible. Do they not see that it is inevitable that in the future it will end up making things worse? If doctors cannot remove the feeding tube of someone, say with no family, who is responsible for keeping the meat puppet alive? Who foots the bill? And I don’t give one rats ass what anyone else in my family or my wife’s family says or thinks. My life is in the hands of my wife and hers in mine. That is the contract we made together. Its called marriage.

As for her husband’s claim that Terry said, though did not write down, her wishes not to be kept alive artificially, it is inconcievable to me that this is a legal issue. Not everyone feels comfortable talking about death, and sometimes we have those conversations not infront of a lawyer, but curled up in bed holding each other for comfort.

It is sad to me that Mr. Schiavo has had to go through all this just to let Terry do what is natural. It is sad that the religious fanatics have attacked him so visciously. And it is really depressing that the government is using this for political gain. Let this poor woman go. She deserves more than becoming a news circus freak, she deserves peace.


2 Responses to “Sometimes dead is better”

  1. anna Says:

    we’re going to make a living will. i would hate for you to be put through this shit if – goddess forbid – something like this ever happened to me. just for the record, if it ever does, don’t keep me alive on machines. give me a few months to wake up, and if i’m not responding after, say six months, pull the plug. you deserve to live your life if i’m not here, and i would not want to hold you back.

    i feel so bad for michael schiavo. it’s his choice. he knows it’s time to let terry go. and of course i sympathise with her parents, but it’s out of their hands as far as i’m concerned.

  2. craig Says:

    Meat Puppet! That’s good. I completely agree that if these zealots so deeply believe in a blissfull afterlife in the arms of Jesus, that it is the quintescence of hypocrisy to prolong her body’s tortured manipulation. What are they afraid of?

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