Looking Forward

March 11, 2005

Well, midterms are finally over. Thank the Goddess. For those of you that don’t know, I am in the final run to getting a mechanical engineering degree, and it has been one long race. But it’s almost over, and the hunt for work has begun.

So you would think I am feeling happy about graduating, right? You might think I feel a sense of accomplishment in having made it through a program with a high drop out rate. But I am not. You see, because of outsourcing, the only engineering jobs worth a fuck where I live are all for defense contractors. Oh, sure, there are a few odd small companies here and there, but if I want to get a real salary I have to suck the mighty defense industry dick.

How thoroughly depressing. So I went on my first job interview with who else but a defense contractor. I figured it would at least be good practice in case something I actually like comes along. People, I have one thing to say, be afraid, be very afraid.

See, when defense companies come to your school, they bring flashy presentations, give you a ton of nick nacks and try to woo you with the chance to work on cutting edge technology. But that technology is the problem.

I went to an information session before the interview to see what the company was all about. My god, I am terrified for the future of the human race. It was like bad sci-fi. Robot armies, unmanned aircraft and miniture spy technology abounded. I felt like I was watching Terminator II Judgement Day. Our tax dollars are being wasted designing the military war machines of the future today. I hope everyone of you is ready to be spied on by little flying eyes, ready to be blown apart by bombs that can chase you and are ready to be murdered by soldiers who are no longer in control of their own minds.

Wonderful. I am so fucking depressed about this. What really bothered me was afterwards everyone else there was so enthusiastic. “Did you see that new sub that is undetectable, how cool!”, “Wow, that new rocket system was awesome!”. Yes, I was surrounded by the next generation of murders who will replace my father and his generation of murderers.

That’s right, they are all murderers plain and simple. Designing war machines is in my eyes as bad as pulling the trigger yourself. Increasing a weapons kill ratio is not something to be proud of.

When I started this degree plan, I had dreams of designing the next alternative fuel source, of doing something good. But the money is in killing. Our young engineers are being trained to make better killing machines. Pretty much everything else is being done overseas. So we American engineers are left with the honor of designing the machines that will be used in the next big war. If you think the death rates from WW I and II were bad, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

Our country is the world leader in developing and manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. We are the real terrorists. Our tax dollars pay for the tools that are used to terrorize the rest of the world into compliance. Let me say that again, we are the real terrorists.

What a wonderful world.


2 Responses to “Looking Forward”

  1. Robyn Says:

    I know it’s depressing, but it’s not all about making better death machines. Some of that technology is used to protect the soldiers inside the machines of death or sometimes even in something as simple as a tank.

    When I worked for that defense contractor, one of the neat things they made was a better glass for the windshields on helicopters. It worked really well- it was more resistant to gunfire and sandblasting. Used side-by-side with standard glass on some whirlybirds in Iraq, it came back almost completely unblemished, whereas the standard glass was pretty much trashed.

    There are things to be done that haven’t really anything to do with death (not directly).

    Also, in spite of all the shiny schpiel you get at the recruiting sessions, the defense contractors spend an awful lot of time on revamping fuel systems and improving the engines, and whatnot. It’s really quite mundane.

    I’m not trying to tell you to take a defense contractor job. I’m just saying that’s it not all about the evil.

  2. Robyn Says:

    Oh, crap. I meant in that first paragraph to say “in something as simple as a truck” rather than tank.

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