Link Round Up- Shit I Bookmarked Lately Edition

March 6, 2005

I have a busy day today, so it’s time for a little bookmark dump.

Hmm, let’s start with plants that make you feel funny. Full of all the info you will ever need to fry your brain the natural way. God I miss those days.

How about some JFK conspiracy stuff. Cause this is one conspiracy our children will still be talking about when we are long gone.

Oh, I like this site. It gives solar activity reports in real time. I am a geek.

Speaking of science, check this out. Now your DNA can be made into a powder that can be used to identify your stuff. Can’t wait to see what fun identity thieft comes next.

Can bloggers protect their sources like journalists can? You decide. Personally, I think not. But what do I know.

Anyhow, I got shit to do, but if anyone out there has some stuff in their bookmarks that is taking up space for no particular reason, feel free to share.


3 Responses to “Link Round Up- Shit I Bookmarked Lately Edition”

  1. anna Says:

    you know, i haven’t seen anything on the jfk assassination that’s blown my mind in quite a while, but that link did it. oswald’s OBVIOUSLY in that photo from the post.

    i would like to go back and see if we can get independent confirmation of the clothing claims attached to that post. i know the witness is dead but there’s the warren report and mortal error. damn, i should not have sold my copy of that book. oh well, half price books here i come.

  2. Heather in SFBay Says:

    Okay…the DNA stuff sounds like an interesting idea, but what about what you’ve got to turn in when something goes missing? Then what do they do with the DNA records…put them in some databank for future reference…or as evidence? Then…why lookie here…it’s not just the “felons” DNA we have on file, but it’s all these law abiding citizens too. Hmm…identify theft indeed…and who’s doing the theiving?

    and i think you’re right about Kennedy…this will be a mystery for time in memorium…but damned if that don’t look exactly like Oswald! I’m sure with the photo enhancement technology of today, methods available would be able to clearly extrapolate a “real” image of that picture…at least enough to differentiate the other guy…which i haven’t seen…but the clothes? sound pretty suspicious!

    oh well…all the time I’ve got now…maybe i’ll share a few of mine at another time!

  3. Rosanna Says:

    Hey– this is OT– but since Anna pimps you over at her blog.. I gotta pimp my man here. Since you’re pursuing the ME degree.. I thought you might find his blog interesting.. or not 🙂


    M2M operability, etc. is what they’re into 🙂

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