For fucks sake…..

February 16, 2005

Go read this piece about the situation in Iraq from TomDispatch by Tom Engelhardt. Then email it to anyone you know who supported the invasion of Iraq and ask them if it was worth making Iraq worse than it was under Saddam.


2 Responses to “For fucks sake…..”

  1. Bloogeyman Says:

    Good post, but as you know, people who support Bush will never change their views….Democrats don’t even care enough to question the appointment of someone like John Negroponte as intelligence head…check out this post for some outrage:

    By the way, good post on Elliot Abrams – funny how our “media” doesn’t even know how to use Google and come up with some independent thinking and research – they just rehash White House press releases…*sigh*

    Anyway, monkey, I like your blog – keep up the good work!

    The Bloogeyman

  2. monkey Says:

    Thanks boogeyman, I like your post too. Why would the media want to bother with those pesky things called facts? Being parrots is so much easier.

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