Sharon Stone at Davos Video

January 28, 2005

See it here.

*If you don’t know what this is about, Sharon Stone stood up in the middle of a panel discussion during the World Economic Forum to draw attention to the plight in Tanzania (AIDS and malaria). She raised one million dollars in a matter of minutes, while Bill Frist tried to get her to shut up.


4 Responses to “Sharon Stone at Davos Video”

  1. Heather in SFBay Says:

    wow…a million in that short time…that was awesome.

  2. oh yeah…and kudos to whoever that guy was that stood up and said $50,000!

    she’s put a message out there too…for anyone else who wants to donate to the cause. i ain’t got no cash for this now…only so many places money can go right now…but if anyone can, go here:

  3. monkey Says:

    Heather- thank you for posting the link to the donate page. I like the fact that Sharon Stone bypassed all the bureaucracy and did what was right.

  4. Heather in SFBay Says:

    Welcome. Yeah, definitely a great way to use your celebrity. And it was kind of funny to watch ol’ Fisther flubber.

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