holy shit burgers batman!

January 12, 2005

some sick individual nominated me for the koufax awards, for most deserving of wider recognition. how dare you. because of your actions innocent people may accidently read this blog and be overcome with monkeyitis. it’s a debilitating disease, one that leads to inane rambling and bad B.O..


2 Responses to “holy shit burgers batman!”

  1. Rosanna Says:

    Yeah, but will the monkeyitis be the “old” version or the “new” version?

    By that, I mean– will you have bald-headed groupies wearing combat boots like in the good ol’ days, or will they just a throng of people in pink Howard for Prez t-shirts??

    Deal with it, man– you have a talent and it got noticed. 🙂

    That’s what you get for speaking your mind!!


    And off-topic.. the poem that you wrote for Anna definitely puts you and Byron in a dead heat for “best hubby of the year” 🙂 Byron doesn’t express himself so loquaciously.. he expresses his devotion in other ways, such as cleaning the kitchen!! Anna and I will have to compare over coffee sometime!

  2. monkey Says:

    i miss wearing combat boots. i should buy another pair.

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