Praise Jeebus!

January 8, 2005

Oh my god. You have to see this site. It’s by the guy who brought President Bush back to baby Jeebus. Seriously.

Mr. George W. Bush, a Midland oilman listened to the radio broadcast and asked one of his friends “Can you arrange for me to meet Arthur Blessitt and talk to him about Jesus?”

That friend told a friend of mine, Mr. Jim Sale, “George Bush wants to meet Arthur Blessitt and talk to him about Jesus.”


Then George W. Bush looked at me, direct in the eyes with a calm steady look and said

“Arthur, I did not feel comfortable attending the meeting, but I want talk to you about how to know Jesus Christ and how to follow Him.”

I was quite shocked at his direct and sincere approach. Few people just bring up that type subject themselves and especially within only two or three minutes of our meeting. I had been praying for him since last night when I heard he wanted to talk. My friend Jim and I had also prayed for Mr. Bush. Now I whispered a silent prayer “Oh Jesus put your words in my mouth and lead him to understand and be saved.”

I slowly leaned forward and lifted the Bible that was in my hand and began to speak.

“What is your relationship with Jesus”? I said.

He replied, “I’m not sure”.

“Let me ask you this question. If you died this moment do you have the assurance you would go to heaven?”

“No” he replied.


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  1. Monkey Says:

    From one Monkey to another – nice to meet you! We blogging monkeys should form a group!

  2. monkey Says:

    The Monkeys- do we have to play our own instruments?

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