Slept in and feelin’ good

December 25, 2004

Amazing. My family finally figured it out. We always argue at Christmas about how early me and the wife should show up so the nephews can open presents. We want to sleep in, they want us there at six a.m.. So this year we opened gifts last night and this morning I slept in, and am now drinking coffee and christmas blogging with the wife. So peaceful. To all (if there are any) my christian readers, Happy Baby Jesus’ Birthday. To the rest of you, we got screwed. I mean come on, on a Saturday? What the fuck good is a holiday on the weekend? Already off work, out of classes. Christ in hell.


One Response to “Slept in and feelin’ good”

  1. Robyn Says:

    What time are people trickling over tonight, Mr.Scrooge?

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