the end of a dream

October 30, 2004

i haven’t written much lately because i am depressed. for a while there i thought it mattered that i worked to get news out that was being missed. but no one reads this site anyway, so it was a waste of my time.

what the fuck has happened to america? it doesn’t matter who wins the election on tuesday. the country will still be divided down the middle and the winner will be stuck without support to move the country either way.

so i was talking to a friend from somolia the other day and he said it amazes him that we haven’t collapsed into civil war yet. maybe that is what we need. talking has only polarized us more, and the elusive truth we bloggers yearn for doesn’t seem to exist. we will never know the truth about what is going on in the world. the powers that be see to that.

humanity in the end only seems to understand one thing, war. america is a pipe dream. the more i learn the more i see that. its just an ideologue, and every person has their own view on it. with no unity we will crumble. so lets just skip to the last page and go to war, a civil war.

we tried it once and it was messy. but now we have better weapons and we could make it final. lets rip our country apart once and for all. we don’t deserve this ideal anyway. our country is broken beyond repair. why not go out with a bang?

instead of going down like rome, lets make it one for the record books.

we do not live in reality anymore. the world does not work like a sitcom. there is no happy round up at the end. all of our problems don’t get solved after the last commercial break.

the right has gone the way of ignorance. they believe in a perfect america that has never, and will never, exist. the left thinks they are so smart, but they don’t seem to do anything but point out what is wrong with the right. i haven’t met a blogger yet that has any real knowledge of how to fix anything.

but we all understand war. we can feel it in our vains. the human animal has perfected war, and we have the perfect weapons. think about it. killing each other is what we do best. i am beginning to see that it is our destiny to destroy ourselves.

and i bet we could take the world down with us. once we get going it could cause a domino effect. the power vacuum will suck everyone else in.

evolution will simply move the next creature forwards. probably the insects. either way, our time is coming to an end. we were just another evolutionary experiment and we cannot seem to evolve further.

i used to believe we could consciously evolve ourselves and move onwards, but we are too stupid for that. no, we are at the peak and there is no other way to go except down.


3 Responses to “the end of a dream”

  1. Charles Says:

    I don’t think we could ever have another civil war. Americans are too comfortable. People are happy to try and chase the lives they see on TV and that the marketing agencies choose for them. If there is a new episode of “survivor”, 90% of the country is going to be hypnotised by product placements and car ads for the next 24 hours. They don’t think about the bigger issues, mostly. As long as the corporations can keep convincing people they can get all the “stuff” they “need” if they just “work a little harder”, people will be content to sleepwalk through life.
    Almost half the country doesn’t believe in Evolution, because they’ve been “told” it’s fake. Evolution! Proved over 150 years ago.

  2. monkey Says:

    holy shit. someone does read this. i agree with you charles. the masses are led like sheep to the slaughter.

  3. Robyn Says:

    I told you that people read it.

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