in case anyone cares…

September 17, 2004

its like a bad record. we are still blowing the fuck out of fallujah.

He wondered how these children could be considered followers of al-Zarqawi or that their houses belong to “terrorists” as claimed by the US.

Dr. Hamadani pointed out that Shaikh Abu Shenater, whose house was the target, was a prominent and well known tribal leader in the area and it was customary for people to congregate around him and his house especially on a Friday.

“The fact is that the US is pursuing a scorched earth policy that destroys everything on the ground. What has happened in Najaf, Falluja, al-Sadr City and Tel Afar is clear proof that this policy has failed,” Dr. Hamadani said.

A cleric in Baghdad, Shaikh Abd al-Ghafur al-Samarrai, lashed out at the US military for the bombings.

“If you have intelligence on the location of al-Zarqawi and his elements why don’t you surround and capture them?” he asked during his weekly sermon on Friday.

good question.

but who cares right? i mean, its just another war. hell, we are still fighting in that other place. oh whats it called. you know, the one with the arabs.

truth is, our democracy in the middle east experiment isn’t working. you can’t force democracy on people, especially not when you have been fucking with their politics since at least the end of world war one.

hell, even russia is slipping backwards.

we are making more enemies than friends these days. even kofi annan got the balls to talk a little trash.

democracy in pakistan is a joke.

and we can’t even conduct an election like civilized people.

is it really this hard being human? you would think that with all our combined knowledge, with all the creativity and imagination we collectivily possess, we could get over what ever it is inside that makes us want to kill one another. but that would be too much to ask. after all, we are only human.

we are all alone and we are all we have. and that is enough. there no guarantee that says we will survive. if humanity disappeared tomorrow the universe will continue on like nothing happened. we are semi conscious multi celled organisms floating in a sea of infinity on a speck of dust.

all of the ideals we swear by, the religions we pledge our devotion to, all of it is in our heads. i can’t tell you why we are here or what the purpose of life is. but i can tell you that we make our own reality. we can decide to change. we can consciously evolve out of this psychotic state we are presently trapped in. there is no devil to blame, no ancient evil at work here. what we see today in our world is the manifestations of our own failings and nothing more.

does any of it matter in the end? who knows. i just don’t understand why we don’t choose to live in a peaceful world. you only get one shot through and then you are dead forever. why waste it?

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