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August 27, 2004

Some more interesting info (at least to me) from the Venezuelan referendum vote. Seems 2 out of the 3 partners in Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates worked for Bill Clinton in 1996. I guess they get around. Too bad the clients page is broken, or we could find out with who. oh wait, this works.

Here is the rebutle. Draw your own conclusions.

And here is an interesting interview with Ali Rodriguez, president of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, PDVSA. I think this part helps explain our governments reasons for meddling in their politics.

AR: President Chavez proposed already a few years ago the idea of forming what he called PetroAmerica. This is an idea that takes the energetic reality and the opportunities that Latin America has into account. Various countries have important energy reserves, hydro-electric as well as fossil, particularly the latter. Especially the Andean countries, and Brazil, Mexico, and parts of Argentina have not to be discounted resources. Since we have talked about the economic integration of Latin America for many years, there is no doubt that the energy sector of a modern economy can be the backbone of the continental integration. I was member of the Latin American parliament and we discussed this possibility a lot.

I also found this opinion piece, yes you guessed it, interesting as well.

I think this is something that the opposition leaders simply don’t realize. People identify with Chavez. Even more importantly, many people love him.

If you really need to fill a venezuelan news fix, try here.

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